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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Santos J.L., Martins A., Novais A., Canadas M.J. (2021)

A choice-modeling approach to inform policies aimed at reducing wildfire hazard through the promotion of fuel management by forest owners

Forests, 12(4):403. DOI:

Mbanze A.A., Martins A.M., Rivaes R., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Ribeiro N.S. (2019)

Vegetation structure and effects of human use of the dambos ecosystem in northern Mozambique

Global Ecology and Conservation, 20: e00704. DOI:

Mbanze A.A., Martins A.M., Rivaes R., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Ribeiro N.S. (2019)

Field data on vegetation structure and effects of human use of the Dambos ecosystem in Northern Mozambique

Data in Brief, 26: 104454.

Borges O., Raimundo F., Martins A., Madeira M. (2018)

Carbon fractions as indicators of organic matter dynamics in chestnut orchards under different soil management practices

Agroforestry Systems, 92(2): 301-310.

Martins A., Marques G., Borges O., Portela E., Lousada J., Raimundo F., Madeira M. (2011)

Management of chestnut plantations for a multifunctional land use under Mediterranean conditions: effects on productivity and sustainability

Agroforestry Systems, 81(2): 175-189.

Martins A., Raimundo F., Borges O., Linhares I., Sousa V., Coutinho J.P., Gomes-Laranjo J., Madeira M. (2009)

Effects of soil management practices and irrigation on plant water relations and productivity of chestnut stands under Mediterranean conditions

Plant Soil, 327: 57–70.

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Book Chapters

Rodeghiero M., Rubio A., Díaz-Pinés E., Romanyå J., Marañón-Giménez S., Levy G.J., Fernandez Getino A.P., Sebastà M.T., Karyotes T., Chiti T., Sirca C., Martins A., Madeira M., Zhiyanski M., Gristina L., Lamantia T. (2011)

Soil carbon in Mediterranean ecosystems and related management problems

In: Soil carbon in sensitive european ecosystems: from science to land management. Robert Jandl, Mirco Rodeghiero and Mats Olsson (Eds.). John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. pp. 176-219. ISBN: 978-1-119-97001-9


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