Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Promoting landscape-level forest management in fire-prone areas: delegate management to a multi-owner collaborative, rent the land, or just sell it?

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Unveiling chemical cues of insect-tree and insect-insect interactions for the eucalyptus weevil and its egg parasitoid by multidimensional gas chromatographic methods

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Stressor gradient coverage affects interaction identification

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The sea swallowed our houses and rice fields: the vulnerability to climate change of coastal people in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

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Riparian Zones ‚ÄĒ From policy neglected to policy integrated

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Herbivory on the pedunculate oak along an urbanization gradient in Europe: effects of impervious surface, local tree cover, and insect feeding guild

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The sustainable expansion of the cocoa crop in the state of Par√° and its contribution to altered areas recovery and fire reduction

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