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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Pinto C.A., Correia A.C., Caldeira M.C., David T.S. & Costa e Silva F (2023)

Plant height determines phenological variation in Quercus suber L.

Silva Lusitana 31(1): 1-29.

Gomes Marques I., Solla A., David T.S., Rodríguez-González P.M., Garbelotto M. (2022)

Response of two riparian woody plants to Phytophthora species and drought

Forest Ecology and Management, 518: 120281. DOI:

Pinheiro C., David T.S., Baptista P., Guerra-Guimar√£es L. (2022)

Mediterranean woody agroecosystems in a warming and drier climate: the importance of knowledge-based management

Flora: Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants, 291: 152070. DOI:

Costa-e-Silva F., Correia A.C., Pinto C.A., David, J.S., Hernandez-Santana V., David T.S. (2021)

Effects of cork oak stripping on tree carbon and water fluxes

Forest Ecology and Management, 486: 118966. DOI:

Poyatos R., …, Soares J.S., David T.S. et al. (2021)

Global transpiration data from sap flow measurements: The SAPFLUXNET database

Earth System Science, 13(6): 2607 ‚Äď 2649. DOI:

Nadezhdina N., David J.S., Pinto C.A., David T.S. (2020)

Root sap flow as a tool to establish hydrological thresholds for plant growth and survival

Agricultural Water Management, 241: 106388. DOI:

David T.S., Pinto C.A., Nadezhdina N., David J.S. (2016)

Water and forests in the Mediterranean hot climate zone: a review based on a hydraulic interpretation of tree functioning

Forest Systems, 25(2): eR02. DOI:

Kurz-Besson C.B., Lousada J.L., Gaspar M.J., Correia I.E., David T.S., Soares P.M.M., Cardoso R.M., Russo A., Varino F., Mériaux C., Trigo R.M., Gouveia C.M. (2016)

Effects of recent minimum temperature and water deficit increases on Pinus pinaster radial growth and wood density in southern Portugal

Frontiers in Plant Science, 7: 1170.

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How dependent are cork oak (Quercus suber L.) woodlands on groundwater? A case study in southwestern Portugal

Forest Ecology and Management, 378: 122-130.

Zarrouk O., Garcia-Tejero I., Pinto C., Genebra T., Sabir F., Prista C., David T.S., Loureiro-Dias M.C., Chaves M.M. (2016)

Aquaporins isoforms in cv. Touriga Nacional grapevine under water stress and recovery – regulation of expression in leaves and roots

Agricultural Water Management, 164 (1): 167‚Äď175.

Caldeira M.C., Lecomte X., David T.S., Pinto J.G., Bugalho M.N., Werner C. (2015)

Synergy of extreme drought and shrub invasion reduce ecosystem functioning and resilience in water-limited climates

Scientific Reports, 5: 15110.

Nadezhdina N., Cermak J., Downey A., Nadezhdin V., Peramaki M., David J.S., Pinto C.A., David T.S. (2015)

Sap flow index as an indicator of water storage use

Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 63 (2): 124‚Äď133.

Nadezhdina N., Ferreira M.I., Conceição N., Pacheco C.A., Hausler M., David T.S. (2015)

Water uptake and hydraulic redistribution under a seasonal climate: long-term study in a rainfed olive orchard

Ecohydrology, 8: 387-397. DOI:

Besson C.K., Lobo-do-Vale R., Rodrigues M.L., Almeida P., Herd A., Grant O.M., David T.S., Schmidt M., Otieno D., Keenan T.F., Gouveia C., Mériaux C., Chaves M.M., Pereira J.S. (2014)

Cork oak physiological responses to manipulated water availability in a Mediterranean woodland

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 184(0): 230-242.

Correia I., Santos L., Faria C., Nóbrega C., Almeida H., David T.S. (2014)

Cone to seedling Рvariation between Pinus pinaster provenances from contrasting altitudes

Forest Science, 60(4): 724-732. DOI:

David T.S., Pinto C.A., Nadezhdina N., Kurz-Besson C., Henriques O., Quilhó T., Cermak J., Chaves M. M., Pereira J.S., David J.S. (2013)

Root functioning, tree water use and hydraulic redistribution in Quercus suber trees: a modeling approach based on root sap flow

Forest Ecology and Management, 307: 136‚Äď146. DOI:

David T.S., David J.S., Pinto C.A.,Cermak J., Nadezhdin V., Nadezhdina N. (2012)

Hydraulic connectivity from roots to branches depicted through sap flow: analysis on a Quercus suber tree

Functional Plant Biology, 39(2):103-115. DOI:

Pinto C.A., David J.S., Cochard H., Caldeira M.C., Henriques M.O., Quilhó T., Paço T.A., Pereira J.S., David T.S. (2012)

Drought-induced embolism in current-year shoots of two Mediterranean evergreen oaks

Forest Ecology and Management, 285: 1-10.

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Interpreting post-drought rewetting effects on soil and ecosystem carbon dynamics in a Mediterranean oak savannah

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Phenology and growth dynamics in Mediterranean evergreen oaks: effects of environmental conditions and water relations

Forest Ecology and Management, 262(3): 500-508. DOI:

Correia I., Alía R., Yan W., David T.S., Aguiar A., Almeida M.H. (2010)

Genotype x environment interactions in Pinus pinaster at age 10 in a multi-environment trial in Portugal: a maximum likelihood approach

Annals of Forest Science, 67(6): 612. DOI:

Nadezhdina N., David T.S., David J.S., Ferreira M.I., Dohnal M., TesaŇô M., Gartner K., Leitgeb E., Nadezhdin V., Cermak J., Jimenez M.S., Morales D. (2010)

Trees never rest: the multiple facets of hydraulic redistribution

Ecohydrology, 3: 431-444. DOI:

Unger S., M√°guas C., Pereira J.S., Aires L., David T.S., Werner C. (2010)

Disentangling drought-induced variation in ecosystem and soil respiration using stable carbon isotopes

Oecologia,163: 1043-1057. DOI:

Unger S., M√°guas C., Pereira J.S., David T.S., Werner C. (2010)

The influence of precipitation pulses on soil respiration – Assessing the “Birch effect” by stable carbon isotopes

Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 42(10): 1800-1810.

Vaz M., Pereira J.S., Gazarini L.C., David T.S., David J.S., Rodrigues A.P., Maroco J., Chaves M.M. (2010)

Drought-induced photosynthetic inhibition and autumn recovery in two Mediterranean oak species (Quercus ilex and Quercus suber)

Tree Physiology, 30: 946-956. DOI:

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Evapotranspiration from a Mediterranean evergreen oak savannah: the role of trees and pasture

Journal of Hydrology, 369: 98-106.

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Modelling interception loss from evergreen oak Mediterranean savannas: application of a tree-based modelling approach

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Partitioning carbon fluxes in a Mediterranean oak forest to disentangle changes in ecosystem sink strength during drought

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Variations in growth, survival and carbon isotope composition (delta C-13) among Pinus pinaster populations of different geographic origins

Tree Physiology, 28: 1545-1552.

David T.S., Henriques M.O., Kurz-Besson C., Nunes J., Valente F., Vaz M., Pereira J.S., Siegwolf R., Chaves M.M., Gazarini L.C. e David J.S. (2007)

Water-use strategies in two co-occurring Mediterranean evergreen oaks: surviving the summer drought

Tree Physiology, 27 (6): 793-803. DOI:

Pereira J.S., Mateus J.A., Aires L.M., Pita G., Pio C., David J.S., Andrade V., Banza J., David T.S., Paço T.A., Rodrigues A.M. (2007)

Net ecosystem carbon exchange in three contrasting Mediterranean ecosystems – the effect of drought

Biogeosciences, 4(5): 791-802.


A Fertiliza√ß√£o do Pinheiro-manso – Recomenda√ß√Ķes para uma gest√£o florestal sustent√°vel

Marcelo M.E., Correia A., Partidário A.C., Gonçalves A.C., Alexandre C., Silva C.S., Sempiterno C., Calouro F. Carrasquinho I., Silvestre J., Tomé M., Jordão P., Mano R., Fernandes R., Soares-David T. & Valdiviesso T (2022)

UNAC ‚Äď Uni√£o da Floresta Mediterr√Ęnica (Ed.), 19p. . ISBN: ISBN: 978-989-33-3560-4

Manual de Fertilização do Sobreiro

Calouro F., Sempiterno C., Marcelo M.E., Jord√£o P., Fernandes R., Soares David T., Valdiviesso T & Silva C.S. (2021)

INIAV (Ed.), 19p. ISBN: ISBN: 978-972-579-064-9

Phytophthora cinnamomi em espécies de Quercus e de sobcoberto de montados e dehesas

Trindade M., Costa e Silva F., Moreira A.C., Santos C.S., Cardillo E. & David T.S. (2019)

INIAV I.P., Oeiras. 120p. . ISBN: 978-972-579-051-9

Gestão e prevenção da doença causada por Phytophthora cinnamomi em montados e dehesas

Trindade M., Moreira A.C., Cardillo E., Costa e Silva F., Silva C.S., Gonçalves M.C., Ribeiro D., Santos G.A., Rodríguez-Molina M.C. & David T.S. (2019)

INIAV I.P., Oeiras. 80p. ISBN: 978-972-579-053-3

Book Chapters

David TS (2022)

A floresta e o fogo nos tempos da pandemia: adaptação ao futuro

In: In: A.P. Pacheco, V.M Rocha & C. Fonseca (Eds). A floresta e o fogo nos tempos de pandemia. ForestWISE, Laboratório Colaborativo para a Gestão Integrada da Floresta e do Fogo, Vila Real, pp. 321-324.. ISBN: ISBN 978-989-33-3511-6

Quintela A., Fabres S., Marques C., Rico N., Carvalho J.L., Keiser J. & David T.S (2022)

As planta√ß√Ķes de eucalipto e a utiliza√ß√£o dos recursos h√≠dricos ‚Äď desafios em Hidrologia Florestal

In: In: M. Pestana (Ed.) As planta√ß√Ķes de eucalipto e os recursos naturais em Portugal: Avan√ßos recentes e desafios. 7¬ļ Caderno T√©cnico Silva Lusitana (2¬™ edi√ß√£o), pp. 31-52. . ISBN: ISBN: 978-972-579-062-5

Nadezhdina N., David T.S., David J.S., Nadezhdi V., Cermak J., Gebauer R., Ferreira M.I., Conceição N., Dohnal M., Tesar M., Gartner K., Ceulemans R. (2012)

Root function: in situ studies through sap flow research

In: Measuring roots. An updated approach. Mancuso S. (Ed.). Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. 267-290. ISBN: 978-3-642-22066-1

Nadezhdina N., David T.S., David J.S., Nadezhdin V., Cermak J. Gebauer R., Stokes A. (2012)

Root structure: in situ studies through sap flow research

In: Measuring roots. An updated approach. Mancuso, S. (Ed.). Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. 247-266. ISBN: 978-3-642-22066-1

David J.S., Bellot J., Birot Y., David T.S. (2011)

Water fluxes in forests

In: Water for forests and people in the Mediterranean region – a challenging balance. What Science Can Tell Us. Birot Y., Gracia C. & Palahi M. (Eds.). European Forest Institute. Joensuu, Finland, pp. 37-42. ISBN: 978-952-5453-79-9

David J.S., David T.S., Valente F. (2007)

O eucaliptal e os recursos hídricos

In: O eucaliptal em Portugal: impactes ambientais e investigação científica. A.M. Alves., J.S. Pereira e J.M.N. Silva (Eds.). ISAPress, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisboa, pp. 113-135. ISBN: 978-972-8669-25-6



Florestas mistas de sobreiro e pinheiro manso: Gestão para valorização dos produtos, promoção da biodiversidade e prevenção de fogos florestais

Duration: 2021-2025

CEF Budget: 163640.00 ‚ā¨