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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Soares C., Silva J.M.N., Boavida-Portugal J., Cerasoli S. (2022)

Spectral-based monitoring of climate effects on the inter-annual variability of different plant functional types in mediterranean cork oak woodlands

Remote Sensing, 14(3): 711. DOI:

Jorge C., Silva J.M.N., Boavida-Portugal J., Soares C., Cerasoli S. (2021)

Using digital photography to track understory phenology in Mediterranean cork oak woodlands

Remote Sensing, 13(4): 776. DOI:

Heuschmidt F., Gomez-Candon D., Soares C., Cerasoli S., Silva J.M.N. (2020)

Cork oak woodland land-cover types classification: a comparison between UAV sensed imagery and field survey

International Journal of Remote Sensing, 41(19): 7649-7659. DOI:

De Luca G., Silva J.M.N., Cerasoli S., Ara√ļjo J., Campos J., Di Fazio S., Modica G. (2019)

Object-based land cover classification in cork oak woodlands using UAV imagery and Orfeo Toolbox

Remote Sensing, 11(10): 1238.

Noumonvi K.D., Ferlan M., Eler K., Alberti G., Peressotti A., Cerasoli S. (2019)

Estimation of carbon fluxes from Eddy Covariance Data and Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indices in a Karst Grassland (Podgorski Kras, Slovenia)

Remote Sensing, 11(6): 649.

Cerasoli S., Campagnolo M., Faria J., Nogueira C., Caldeira M. (2018)

On estimating the gross primary productivity of Mediterranean grasslands under different fertilization regimes using vegetation indices and hyperspectral reflectance

Biogeosciences, 15: 5455-5471.

Cerasoli S., Costa e Silva F., Silva Jo√£o M.N. (2016)

Temporal dynamics of spectral bioindicators evidence biological and ecological differences among functional types in a cork oak open woodland

International Journal of Biometeorology, 60(6):813‚Äď825.

Porcar-Castell A., MacArthur A., Rossini M., Eklundh L., Pacheco-Labrador J., Anderson K., Balzarolo M., Martín M.P., Jin H., Tomelleri E., Cerasoli S., Sakowska K., Hueni A., Julitta T., Nichol C.J., Vescovo L. (2015)

EUROSPEC: at the interface between remote sensing and ecosystem CO2 flux measurements in Europe

Biogeosciences, 12(20): 6103-6124.

Cerasoli S., Wertin T., McGuire M.A., Rodrigues A.P., Aubrey D.P., Pereira J.S., Teskey R.O. (2014)

Poplar saplings exposed to recurring temperature shifts of different amplitude exhibit differences in leaf gas exchange and growth despite equal mean temperature

AoB Plants, 6: plu018. DOI:

Jongen M., Unger S., Fangueiro D., Cerasoli S., Silva J.M.N., Pereira J.S. (2013)

Resilience of montado understorey to experimental precipitation variability fails under severe natural drought

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 178: 18-30.

Minunno F., van Oijen M., Cameron D.R., Cerasoli S., Pereira J.S., Tomé M. (2013)

Using a Bayesian framework and global sensitivity analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses of two process-based models differing in representation of autotrophic respiration

Environmental Modelling & Software, 42: 99-115.

Balzarolo M., Anderson K., Nichol C., Rossini M., Vescovo L., Arriga N., Wohlfahrt G., Calvet J.-C., Carrara A., Cerasoli S., Cogliati S., Daumard F., Eklundh L., Elbers J.A., Evrendilek F., Handcock R.N., Kaduk J., Klumpp K., Longdoz B., Matteucci G., Meroni M., Montagnani L., Ourcival J.-M., S√°nchez-Ca√Īete E.P., Pontailler J.-Y., Juszczak R., Scholes B., Mart√≠n M.P. (2011)

Ground-based optical measurements at European flux sites: a review of methods, instruments and current controversies

Sensors, 11(8): 7954-7981.

Rodrigues A., Pita G., Mateus J., Kurz-Besson C., Casquilho M., Cerasoli S., Gomes A., Pereira J.S. (2011)

Eight years of continuous carbon fluxes measurements in a Portuguese eucalypt stand under two main events: drought and felling

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 151(4): 493-507. DOI:

Cerasoli S., McGuire M.A., Faria J., Mourato M., Schmidt M., Pereira J.S., Chaves M., Teskey R.O. (2009)

CO2 efflux, CO2 concentration and photosynthetic refixation in stems of Eucalyptus globulus (Labill.)

Journal of Experimental Botany, 60(1): 99-105.

Mcguire M.A., Cerasoli S., Teskey R.O. (2007)

CO2 fluxes and respiration of branch segments (Platanus occidentalis L.) examined at different velocities, branch diameters, and temperatures

Journal of Experimental Botany, 58: 2159-2168.

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Book Chapters

Cerasoli S., Caldeira M.C., Pereira J.S. (2016)

Eucalyptus globulus

In: European Atlas of Forest Species. San-Miguel-Ayanz J., de Rigo D., Caudullo G., Durrant T., Mauri A. Eds. Forest Resources and Climate Unit, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, ISPRA. ISBN: 978-92-79-52833-0



Contribui√ß√£o da absor√ß√£o de √°gua pelas folhas para o estado h√≠drico e assimila√ß√£o do carbono nos ecossistemas mediterr√Ęnicos

Duration: 2022-2024

CEF Budget: 49707 ‚ā¨


Monitorização da Produtividade Primária Bruta em Montado através de deteção remota e modelação biofísica

Duration: 2016-2019

CEF Budget: 133.972 ‚ā¨