Catchment hydrology, ecohydrology, tree transpiration, interception loss, water movement inside trees (tree hydraulics)


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Book Chapters

Nadezhdina N., David T.S., David J.S., Nadezhdi V., Cermak J., Gebauer R., Ferreira M.I., Conceição N., Dohnal M., Tesar M., Gartner K., Ceulemans R. (2012)

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Water fluxes in forests

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O eucaliptal e os recursos hídricos

In: O eucaliptal em Portugal: impactes ambientais e investigação científica. A.M. Alves., J.S. Pereira e J.M.N. Silva (Eds.). ISAPress, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisboa, pp. 113-135. ISBN: 978-972-8669-25-6


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