Remote sensing, spatial analysis, biodiversity and conservation


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Catarino S., Goyder D., Darbyshire I., Costa E., Figueira R., Duarte M.C., Romeiras M.M. (2022)

Species diversity and endemicity in the Angolan Leguminosae Flora

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 10: 871261. DOI:

Duarte M.C., Gomes I., Catarino Silvia, Brilhante M., Gomes S., Rendall A., Moreno A., Fortes A. R., Ferreira V.S., Baptista I., Dinis H., Romeiras M.M. (2022)

Diversity of useful plants in Cabo Verde Islands: a biogeographic and conservation perspective

Plants, 11(10): 1313. DOI:

Guterres L., Duarte M.C., Catarino S., Roxo G., Barnabe J., Sebastiana M., Monteiro F., Romeiras M.M. (2022)

Diversity of legumes in the cashew agroforestry system in East Timor (Southeast Asia)

Foods, 11(21): 3503. DOI:

Monteiro F., Romeiras M.M., Barnabé J., Catarino S., (Catarino, Silvia), Batista D., Sebastiana M. 2022 (2022)

Disease-causing agents in cashew: a review in a tropical cash crop

Agronomy, 12(10): 2553. DOI:

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