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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Lobo-do-Vale R., Rafael T., Haberstroh S., Werner C., Caldeira M.C. (2023)

Shrub invasion overrides the effect of imposed drought on the photosynthetic capacity and physiological responses of Mediterranean cork oak trees

Plants-Basel, 2(8): 1636. DOI:

Haberstroh S., Lobo-do-Vale R., Caldeira M., Dubbert M., Cuntz M., Werner C. (2022)

Plant invasion modifies isohydricity in Mediterranean tree species

Functional Ecology. DOI:

Haberstroh S., Caldeira M.C., Lobo-do-Vale R., Martins J.I., Moemken J., Pinto J.G., Werner C. (2021)

Nonlinear plant-plant interactions modulate impact of extreme drought and recovery on a Mediterranean ecosystem

New Phytologist, 231(5): 1784-1797. DOI:

Haberstroh S., Kreuzwieser J., Boeddeker H., Eiblmeier M., Gutte H., Lobo-do-Vale R., Caldeira M.C., Werner, C. (2019)

Natural carbon isotope composition distinguishes compound groups of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC) in two Mediterranean woody species

Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 2: 55.

Lobo-do-Vale R., Besson C.K., Caldeira M.C., Chaves M.M., Pereira J.S. (2019)

Drought reduces tree growing season length but increases nitrogen resorption efficiency in a Mediterranean ecosystem

Biogeosciences, 16: 1265-1279.

Gonzålez-Muñoz N., Sterck F., Torres-Ruiz J. M., Petit G., Cochard H., von Arx G., Lintunen A., Caldeira M.C., Capdeville G., Copini P., Gebauer R., Grönlund L., HölttÀ T., Lobo-do-Vale R., Peltoniemi M., Stritih A., Urban J., Delzon S. (2018)

Quantifying in situ phenotypic variability in the hydraulic properties of four tree species across their distribution range in Europe

Plos One, 13:e0196075.

Haberstroh S., Kreuzwieser J., Lobo-do-Vale R., Caldeira M.C., Dubbert M., Werner C. (2018)

Terpenoid emissions of two mediterranean woody species in response to drought stress

Frontiers in Plant Science, 9: 1071.

Martins W.B.R., Lobo-do-Vale R., Ferreira G.C., Andrade V.M.S., DionĂ­sio L.F. S., Rodrigues R.P., Oliveira F.A., Souza G.M.P. (2018)

Litterfall, litter stock and water holding capacity in post-mining forest restoration ecosystems, Eastern Amazon

Revista Brasileira de CiĂȘncias AgrĂĄrias, 13(3): UNSPe5546.

Petit G., von Arx G., Kiorapostolou N., Lechthaler S., Prendin A.L., Anfodillo T., Caldeira M.C., Cochard H., Copini P., Crivellaro A., Delzon S., Gebauer R., Gricar J., Gronholm L., Holtta T., Jyske T., Lavric M., Lintunen A., Lobo-do-Vale R., Peltoniemi M., Peters R.L., Robert E.M.R., Roig Juan S., Senfeldr M., Steppe K., Urban J., Van Camp J., Sterck F. (2018)

Tree differences in primary and secondary growth drive convergent scaling in leaf area to sapwood area across Europe

New Phytologist, 218(4): 1383-1392.

Yåñez-Serrano A.M., Fasbender L., Kreuzwieser J., Dubbert D., Haberstroh S., Lobo-do-Vale R., Caldeira M.C., Werner C. (2018)

Volatile diterpene emission by two Mediterranean Cistaceae shrubs

Scientific Reports, 8:6855.

Lintunen A., Paljakka T., Jyske T., Peltoniemi M., Sterck F., Von Arx G., Cochard H., Copini P., Caldeira M.C., Delzon S., Gebauer R., Grönlund L., Kiorapostolou N., Lechthaler S., Lobo-do-Vale R., Peters R.L., Petit G., Prendin A.L., Salmon Y., Steppe K., Urban J., Roig Juan S., Robert E.M.R., HölttÀ T. (2016)

Osmolality and non-structural carbohydrate composition in the secondary phloem of trees across a latitudinal gradient in Europe

Frontiers in Plant Science, 7:726.

Rowland L., Lobo-do-Vale R., Christoffersen B.O., Melém E.A., Kruijt B., Vasconcelos S.S., Domingues T., Binks O.J., Oliveira A.A.R., Metcalfe D., da Costa A.C.L., Mencuccini M., Meir P. (2015)

After more than a decade of soil moisture deficit, tropical rainforest trees maintain photosynthetic capacity, despite increased leaf respiration

Global Change Biology, 21(12): 4662-4672.

Shvaleva A., Siljanen H.M.P., Correia A., Silva F.C.E., Lamprecht R.E., Lobo-do-Vale R., Bicho C., Fangueiro D., Anderson M., Pereira J.S., Chaves M.M., Cruz C., Martikainen P.J. (2015)

Environmental and microbial factors influencing methane and nitrous oxide fluxes in Mediterranean cork oak woodlands: trees make a difference

Frontiers in Microbiology, 6: 1104.

Besson C.K., Lobo-do-Vale R., Rodrigues M.L., Almeida P., Herd A., Grant O.M., David T.S., Schmidt M., Otieno D., Keenan T.F., Gouveia C., MĂ©riaux C., Chaves M.M., Pereira J.S. (2014)

Cork oak physiological responses to manipulated water availability in a Mediterranean woodland

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 184(0): 230-242.

Shvaleva A., Costa e Silva F., Costa J., Correia A., Anderson M., Lobo-do-Vale R., Fangueiro D., Bicho C., Pereira J. S., Chaves M. M., Skiba U., Cruz C. (2014)

Comparison of methane, nitrous oxide fluxes and CO2 respiration rates from a Mediterranean cork oak ecosystem and improved pasture

Plant and Soil, 374(1-2): 883-898.

Pihlatie M.K., Christiansen J.R., Aaltonen H., Korhonen J.F.J., Nordbo A., Rasilo T., Benanti G., Giebels M., Helmy M., Sheehy J., Jones S., Juszczak R., Klefoth R., Lobo-do-Vale R., Rosa A.P., Schreiber P., Serc D., Vicca S., Wolf B.,. Pumpanen J. (2013)

Comparison of static chambers to measure CH4 emissions from soils

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 171–172(0): 124-136.

Gundersen P., Christiansen J.R., Alberti G., BrĂŒggemann N., Castaldi S., Gasche R., Kitzler B., Klemedtsson L., Lobo-do-Vale R., Moldan F., RĂŒtting T., Schleppi P., Weslien P., Zechmeister-Boltenstern S. (2012)

The response of methane and nitrous oxide fluxes to forest change in Europe

Biogeosciences, 9(10): 3999-4012.

Shvaleva A., Lobo-do-Vale R., Cruz C., Castaldi S., Rosa A.P., Chaves M.M., Pereira J.S. (2011)

Soil-atmosphere greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4 and N2O) exchange in evergreen oak woodland in southern Portugal

Plant Soil and Environment, 57(10): 471-477.

Grant O.M., Tronina Å., Ramalho J.C., Besson C.K., Lobo-do-Vale R., Pereira J.S., Jones H.G., Chaves M.M. (2010)

The impact of drought on leaf physiology of Quercus suber L. trees: comparison of an extreme drought event with chronic rainfall reduction

Journal of Experimental Botany, 61(15): 4361-4371.

Metcalfe D.B., Lobo-do-Vale R., Chaves M.M., Maroco J.P., Aragão L.E.O.C., Malhi Y., Costa A.L.D., Braga A.P., Gonçalves P.L., Athaydes J.D., Costa M.D., Almeida S.S., Campbell C., Hurry V., Williams M., Meir P. (2010)

Impacts of experimentally imposed drought on leaf respiration and morphology in an Amazon rain forest

Functional Ecology, 24(3): 524-533.

Metcalfe D.B., Meir P., Aragão L.E.O.C., Lobo-do-Vale R., Galbraith D., Fisher R.A., Chaves M.M., Maroco J.P., Da Costa A.C.L., De Almeida S.S., Braga A.P., Gonçalves P.H.L., De Athaydes J., Da Costa M., Portela T.T.B., De Oliveira A.A.R., Malhi Y., Williams M. (2010)

Shifts in plant respiration and carbon use efficiency at a large-scale drought experiment in the eastern Amazon

New Phytologist, 187(3): 608-621.

Otieno D., Schmidt M.W.T., Kurz-Besson C., Lobo-do-Vale R., Pereira J.S., Tenhunen J. (2007)

Regulation of transpirational water loss in Quercus suber trees in a Mediterranean-type ecosystem

Tree Physiology, 27: 1179-1187.

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Contribuição da absorção de ågua pelas folhas para o estado hídrico e assimilação do carbono nos ecossistemas mediterrùnicos

Duration: 2022-2024

CEF Budget: 49707 €


Impact of shrub encroachment on Mediterranean cork-oak ecosystem resilience

Duration: 2018-2021