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Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Wild, tamed, and domesticated: three fire macroregimes for global pyrogeography in the Anthropocene

Ecological Applications. DOI:

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A centrality notion for graphs based on Tukey depth

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The train frequency compatibility problem

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Burned area estimations derived from Landsat ETM+ and OLI data: comparing genetic programming with maximum likelihood and classification and regression trees.

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Revisiting niche fundamentals with Tukey depth.

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Defining and mapping the wildland-urban interface in Portugal

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A note on symmetry classes of tensors and Specht modules

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Riverscapes downstream of hydropower dams: effects of altered flows and historical land-use change.

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Highlighting biome-specific sensitivity of fire size distributions to time-gap parameter using a new algorithm for fire event individuation

Remote Sensing, 8(8):663. DOI:

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Mathematical contributions to link biota with environment

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Data depth for the uniform distribution

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A combinatorial approach to assess the separability of clusters

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Tensors, matchings and codes

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Generation of Sidel’nikov sequences and their spectra via permutations

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Cardoso D., Cerdeira J.O., Delorme C., Silva P.C. (2008)

Efficient edge domination in regular graphs

Discrete Applied Mathematics,156: 3060-3065.

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