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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Belaber E.C., Gauchat M.E., Schoffen C.D., Mu√Īoz F., Borralho N.M., Sanchez L., Cappa E.P. (2021)

Accounting for competition in multi-environment tree genetic evaluations: a case study with hybrid pines

Annals of Forest Science, 78(1): 2. DOI:

Belaber E.C., Gauchat M.E., Rodríguez G.H., Borralho N.M., Cappa E.P. (2019)

Estimation of genetic parameters using spatial analysis of Pinus elliottii Engelm. var. elliottii second-generation progeny trials in Argentina

New Forests, 50: 605‚Äď627.

Belaber E.C., Gauchat M.E., Reis H.D., Borralho N.M., Cappa E.P. (2018)

Genetic parameters for growth, stem straightness, and branch quality for Pinus elliottii var. elliottii x Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis F-1 Hybrid in Argentina

Forest Science, 64(6): 595-608.

Salas M., Nieto V., Peraf√°n L., S√°nchez A., Borralho N.M.G. (2014)

Genetic parameters and comparison between native and local landraces of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. ssp globulus growing in the central highlands of Colombia

Annals of Forest Science, 71(3): 405-414.

Cappa E.P., El-Kassaby Y.A., Garcia M.N., Acu√Īa C., Borralho N.M.G., Grattapaglia D., Poltri S.N.M. (2013)

Impacts of population structure and analytical models in genome-wide association studies of complex traits in forest trees: a case study in Eucalyptus globulus

PLoS ONE, 8(11): e81267.

Ara√ļjo J.A., Borralho N.M.G.,Dehon G. (2012)

The importance and type of non-additive genetic effects for growth in Eucalyptus globulus

Tree Genetics & Genomes, 8(2): 327-337. DOI:

Ribeiro M.M., Sanchez L., Ribeiro C., Cunha F., Ara√ļjo J.A., Borralho N., Marques C.M. (2011)

A case study of Eucalyptus globulus fingerprinting for breeding

Annals of Forest Science, 68 (4): 701-714.

Costa e Silva J., Borralho N.M.G., Ara√ļjo J.A., Vaillancourt R.E., Potts B.M. (2009)

Genetic parameters for growth, wood density and pulp yield in Eucalyptus globulus

Tree Genetics and Genomes, 5: 291-305. DOI:

Volker P.W., Potts B.M., Borralho N.M.G. (2008)

Genetic parameters of intra- and inter-specific hybrids of Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens.

Tree Genetics & Genomes, 4(3): 445-460.


Mejoramiento Genetico de Eucaliptos en Chile

Ipinza R., Barros S., Gutiérrez B., Borralho N. (Eds). (2014)

Instituto Forestal, Santiago, Chile, p.480. ISBN: 978-956-318-091-6 DOI:

Book Chapters

Borralho N. (2014)

Desarrollo y perspectiva del mejoramiento genético de eucaliptos para producción de pulpa

In: Mejoramiento Genetico de Eucaliptos en Chile. Ipinza R., Barros S., Gutiérrez B., Borralho N. (Eds.). Instituto Forestal, Santiago, Chile, pp. 327-352. ISBN: 978-956-318-091-6

Borralho N.M.G., Almeida M.H., Potts B.M. (2007)

O melhoramento do eucalipto em Portugal

In: O eucaliptal em Portugal: impactes ambientais e investigação científica. A.M. Alves, J.S. Pereira e J.M.N Silva (Eds.). ISAPress, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisboa, pp. 61- 110. ISBN: 978-972-8669-25-6


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