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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Neves, A. K., Campagnolo, M. L., Silva, J. M., & Pereira, J. M. (2023)

A Landsat-based atlas of monthly burned area for Portugal, 1984–2021

International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 119, 103321. DOI:

Almeida A. M., Martins M. J., Campagnolo M. L., Fernandez P., Albuquerque T., Gerassis S., Gonçalves J. C., Ribeiro M. M. (2022)

Prediction scenarios of past, present, and future environmental suitability for the Mediterranean species Arbutus unedo L.

Scientific Reports, 12: 84. DOI:

Campagnolo M.L., Libonati R., Rodrigues J.A., Pereira J.M.C. (2021)

A comprehensive characterization of MODIS daily burned area mapping accuracy across fire sizes in tropical savannas

Remote Sensing of Environment, 252: 112115. DOI:

Aubard V., Pereira-Pires J.E., Campagnolo M.L., Pereira J.M.C., Mora A., Silva J.M.N. (2020)

Fully automated countrywide monitoring of fuel break maintenance operations

Remote Sensing, 12(18): 2879. DOI:

Campagnolo M., Oom D., Padilla M., Pereira J.M.C. (2019)

A patch-based algorithm for global and daily burned area mapping

Remote Sensing of Environment, 232: 11288.

Brennan, J., Lewis, P., Gomez-Dans, J., Chernetskiy, M., Chuvieco, E., Lizundia, J., Campagnolo, M., Pereira, J., and Oom, D. (2018)

Uncertainty characterisation & validation within ESA FIRE-CCI

38th IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS): 1812-1815..

Cerasoli S., Campagnolo M., Faria J., Nogueira C., Caldeira M. (2018)

On estimating the gross primary productivity of Mediterranean grasslands under different fertilization regimes using vegetation indices and hyperspectral reflectance

Biogeosciences, 15: 5455-5471.

Cerdeira J.O., Monteiro‐Henriques T., Martins M.J., Silva P.C., Alagador D., Franco A.M.A., Campagnolo M.L., Arsénio P., Aguiar F.C., Cabeza M. (2018)

Revisiting niche fundamentals with Tukey depth.

Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9(12): 2349-2361.

Häusler M., Conceição N., Tezza L., Sánchez J.M., Campagnolo M.L., Häusler A.J., Silva J.M.N., Warneke T., Heygster G., Ferreira M.I. (2018)

Estimation and partitioning of actual daily evapotranspiration at an intensive olive grove using the STSEB model based on remote sensing

Agricultural Water Management, 201: 188-198. DOI:

Pereira, Jose M. C.; Alexandre, Patricia M.; Campagnolo, Manuel L.; Bar-Massada, A; Radeloff, VC; Silva, PC (2018)

Defining and mapping the wildland-urban interface in Portugal

Advances in Forest Fire Research 2018: 742-749. DOI:

Benali A., Mota B., Carvalhais N., Oom D., Miller L.M., Campagnolo M.L., Pereira J.M.C. (2017)

Bimodal fire regimes unveil a global-scale anthropogenic fingerprint

Global Ecology and Biogeography, 26(7): 799-811.

Campagnolo M.L., Sun Q., Liu Y., Schaaf C., Wang Z., Román M.O. (2016)

Estimating the effective spatial resolution of the operational BRDF, albedo, and nadir reflectance products from MODIS and VIIRS

Remote Sensing of Environment, 175: 52-64.

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Ecological implications of fine-scale fire patchiness and severity in tropical savannas of northern Australia

Fire Ecology, 11(1): 10-31.

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Reliable crop identification with satellite imagery in the context of common agriculture policy subsidy control

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Estimation of effective resolution for daily MODIS gridded surface reflectance products

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A characterization of Computable Analysis on unbounded domains using differential equations

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Barcia P., Bugalho M., Campagnolo M.L., Cerdeira J.O. (2007)

Using n-alkanes to estimate diet composition of herbivores: a novel mathematical approach

Animal, 1: 141-149.

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Book Chapters

Campagnolo M.L., Cerdeira J.O. (2007)

Contextual classification of remote sensing images with integer linear programming

In: Computational modelling of objects represented in images: fundamentals, methods and applications. J.M.Tavares, R.M. Natal Jorge (Eds.). Taylor and Francis, London, pp. 123-128. ISBN: 9780415433495 URL:



S2CHANGE (Desenvolvimento de mapas de perdas recentes de floresta e mato em Portugal derivados de imagens de satélite)

Duration: 2023-2025


Desenvolvimento de algoritmos paralelizáveis para a actualização da COSsim

Duration: 2021-2022

CEF Budget: 35.000 €


Brazilian Fire-Land-Atmosphere System

Duration: 2015-2018

CEF Budget: 99.629 €


Open Tools for Analysis of Spatial Data in Life Sciences

Duration: 2015-2018

CEF Budget: 25.751 €