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Ribeiro S., Gaspar M.J., Lima-Brito J., Fonseca T., Soares P., Cerveira A., Fernandes P.M., Louzada J.L., Carvalho A. (2023)

Impact of fire recurrence and induced water stress on seed germination and root mitotic cell cycle of Pinus pinaster.

Forests, 14(1): 78. . DOI:

Ribeiro S., Gaspar M.J., Lima-Brito J., Fonseca T., Soares P., Cerveira A., Fernandes P.M., Louzada J., Carvalho A. (2022)

Impact of fire recurrence and induced water stress on seed germination and root mitotic cell cycle of Pinus pinaster Aiton.

Forests, 14(1): 78. DOI:

Dias A., Carvalho A., Silva M.E., Lima-Brito J., Gaspar M.J., Alves A., Rodrigues J.C., Pereira F., Morais J., Lousada J.L. (2020)

Physical, chemical and mechanical wood properties of Pinus nigra growing in Portugal

Annals of Forest Science, 77(3): 72. DOI:

Dias A., Giovannelli G., Fady B., Spanu I., Vendramin G.G., Bagnoli F., Carvalho A., Silva M.E., Lima-Brito J., Lousada, J.L., Gaspar M.J. (2020)

Portuguese Pinus nigra J.F. Arnold populations: genetic diversity, structure and relationships inferred by SSR markers

Annals of Forest Science, 77(3): 64. DOI:

Dias A., Lemos M., Pavia I., Gaspar M.J., Silva M.E., Louzada J.L., Lima-Brito J., Carvalho A. (2019)

Genetic characterization of Portuguese allochthonous populations of Pinus nigra using ISSRs and SCoTs and extrapolation of their infraspecific taxonomy

Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants, 25(3): 799-805.

Dias A., Gaspar M.J., Carvalho A., Pires J., Lima-Brito J., Silva M.E., Louzada J.L. (2018)

Within- and between-tree variation of wood density components in Pinus nigra at six sites in Portugal

Annals of Forest Science, 75(2): 58. DOI:

Gomes-Laranjo J., Dinis L.T., Marques T., Mota M., Carvalho A., Pinto T., Anjos R., Martins L., Marques G., Gaspar M.J., Gonzalez Pereira M., Raimundo F., Ferreira-Cardoso J. (2018)

Increasing chestnut resilience to climate change with innovative management practices

Acta Horticulturae, 1220: 163-176.

Carvalho A., Pavia I., Fernandes C., Pires J., Correia C., Bacelar E., Moutinho-Pereira J., Gaspar M.J., Silva M., Lousada J.L., Lima-Brito J. (2017)

Differential physiological and genetic responses of five European Scots pine provenances to induced water stress

Journal of Plant Physiology, 215: 100-109. DOI:

Fernandes C., Gaspar M.J., Pires J., Silva M.E., Carvalho A., Lima-Brito J., Lousada J.L. (2017)

Within and between-tree variation of wood density components in Pinus sylvestris at five sites in Portugal

European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 75(4): 511‚Äď526. DOI:

Kurz-Besson C.B., Lousada J.L., Gaspar M.J., Correia I.E., David T.S., Soares P.M.M., Cardoso R.M., Russo A., Varino F., Mériaux C., Trigo R.M., Gouveia C.M. (2016)

Effects of recent minimum temperature and water deficit increases on Pinus pinaster radial growth and wood density in southern Portugal

Frontiers in Plant Science, 7: 1170.

Pavia I., Carvalho A., Rocha L., Gaspar M.J., Lima-Brito J. (2014)

Physical location of SSR regions and cytogenetic instabilities in Pinus sylvestris chromosomes revealed by ND-FISH

Journal of Genetics Journal of Genetics, 93(2):567-571.

Pavia I., Mengl M., Gaspar M.J., Carvalho A., Heinze B., Lima-Brito J. (2014)

Evidence of native Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Portugal based on nuclear and chloroplast microsatellite markers

Austrian Journal of Forest Science, 131(1):1-22.

Pereira-Leal J.B., Abreu I.A., Alaba√ßa C.S., Almeida M.H., Almeida P., Almeida T., Amorim M.I., Ara√ļjo S., Azevedo H., Badia A., Batista D., Bohn A., Capote T., Carrasquinho I., Chaves I., Coelho A.C., Costa M.M.R., Costa R., Cravador A., Egas C., Faro C., Fortes A.M., Fortunato A.S., Gaspar M.J., Gon√ßalves S., Gra√ßa J., Horta M., In√°cio V., Leit√£o J.M., Lino-Neto T., Marum L., Matos J., Mendon√ßa D., Miguel A., Miguel C.M., Morais-Cec√≠lio L., Neves I., N√≥brega F., Oliveira M.M., Oliveira R., Pais M.S., Paiva J.A.P., Paulo O.S., Pinheiro M., Raimundo J.A.P., Ramalho J.C., Ribeiro A.I., Ribeiro T., Rocheta M., Rodrigues A.I., Rodrigues J., Saibo N.J.M., Santo T.E., Santos A.M., S√°-Pereira P., Sebastiana M., Sim√Ķes F., Sobral R.S., Tavares R., Teixeira R., Varela C., Veloso M.M., Ricardo C.P.P. (2014)

A comprehensive assessment of the transcriptome of Cork oak (Quercus suber) through EST sequencing

BMC Genomics, 15: 371. DOI:

Cipriano J., Carvalho A., Fernandes C., Gaspar M.J., Pires J., Bento J., Roxo L., Louzada J., Lima-Brito J. (2013)

Evaluation of genetic diversity of Portuguese Pinus sylvestris L. populations based on molecular data and inferences about the future use of this germplasm

Journal of Genetics, 92(2): e41-48.

Gaspar M.J., Velasco T., Feito I., Alía R., Majada J. (2013)

Genetic variation of drought tolerance in Pinus pinaster at three hierarchical levels: a comparison of induced osmotic stress and field testing

PLoS ONE, 8 (11): e79094.

Gaspar M.J., Alves A., Louzada J.L., Morais J., Santos A., Fernandes C., Almeida M.H., Rodrigues J.C. (2011)

Genetic variation of chemical and mechanical traits of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton). Correlations with wood density components

Annals of Forest Science, 68(2):255-265.

Gaspar M.J., de-Lucas A., Alia R., Paiva J., Hidalgo E., Louzada J.L., Almeida M.H., González-Martínez S.C. (2009)

Use of molecular markers for estimating breeding parameters: a case study in maritime pine progeny trial

Tree Genetic and Genomes, 5: 609-616.

Gaspar M.J., Lousada J.L., Rodrigues J., Aguiar A., Almeida M.H. (2009)

Does selecting for improved growth affect wood quality of Pinus pinaster in Portugal?

Forest Ecology and Management, 258(2): 115‚Äď121.

Gaspar M.J., Louzada J.L., Aguiar A., Almeida M.H. (2008)

Genetic correlations between wood quality traits of Pinus pinaster Ait

Annals of Forest Science, 65(7): 73.

Gaspar M.J., Louzada J.L., Silva M.E., Aguiar A., Almeida M.H. (2008)

Age trends in genetic parameters of wood density components in 46 half-sibling families of Pinus pinaster

Canadian Journal of Forestry Research, 38: 1470-1477. DOI:

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