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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Costa J.M., Egipto R., Aguiar F.C., Marques P., Nogales A., Madeira M (2023)

The role of soil temperature in mediterranean vineyards in a climate change context.

Frontiers in Plant Science, 142023: 1145137.. DOI:

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Enhancing carbon sequestration in Mediterranean Agroforestry Systems: a review

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Patterning total mercury distribution in coastal podzolic soils from an Atlantic area: Influence of pedogenetic processes and soil components

Catena, 206: 105540. DOI:

Rodrigues A.R., Costa e Silva F., Correia A.C., Bicho M.C., Madeira M., Coutinho J. (2020)

Do improved pastures enhance soil quality of cork oak woodlands in the Alentejo region (Portugal)?

Agroforestry Systems, 94(1): 125-136. DOI:

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Biomass, nodulation and N-2 fixing response by subclover and pink serradela to phosphorus fertilization

Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, 65(10): 1431-1445.

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Crop use and profile distribution of phosphorus in soils that developed on mafic rocks in southern Portugal

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Carbon fractions as indicators of organic matter dynamics in chestnut orchards under different soil management practices

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Mineral composition through soil-wine system of Portuguese vineyards and its potential for wine traceability

Beverages, 4(4): 85.

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Mapping of land units and land capability classification in Portugal: the case of the municipality of Lourinh√£

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Regeneration patterns of Quercus suber according to Montado management systems

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Influence of tree canopy on N-2 fixation by pasture legumes and soil rhizobial abundance in Mediterranean oak woodlands

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Underestimated role of legume roots for soil N fertility

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Thirty years of research on soil quality in forest systems under Mediterranean conditions. Trends and future

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Effects of site preparation and slash management on growth and understory vegetation of Eucalyptus globulus plantations along a rotation time span in Portugal.

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Is cork oak (Quercus suber L.) woodland loss driven by eucalyptus plantation? A case-study in southwestern Portugal.

iForest ‚Äď Biogeosciences and Forestry, 7: 193-203. DOI:

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Fragmentation patterns of evergreen oak woodlands in Southwestern Iberia: identifying key spatial indicators.

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Cork oak woodlands patchiness: a signature of imminent deforestation?

Applied Geography, 54: 18-26. DOI:

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87Sr/86Sr ratio in vineyard soils from Portuguese Denominations of Origin and its potential for origin authentication

Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, 48(1): 21-29. DOI:

Auxtero E., Madeira M., Monteiro F.G., Horta M.C. (2013)

Evaluation of different soil tests for phosphate extractability in major soils from Angola

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Does slash management in Eucalyptus globulus Labill. plantation influence the potential seed germination and early growth of understory species?

Forest Science, 59(4): 494-503. DOI:

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Combined effect of soil properties and Phytophthora cinnamomi infections on Quercus ilex decline

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Soil C and N dynamics and fertility in a pine plantation amended with wood ash under Mediterranean climate

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Root system of Quercus suber L. seedlings in response to herbaceous competition and different watering and fertilisation regimes

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Do harrowing and fertilisation at middle rotation improve tree growth and site quality in Eucalyptus globulus Labill.plantations in Mediterranean conditions?

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Driving factors determining the occurrence of sodic soils in dry subhumid Mediterranean areas

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A data mining approach to improve multiple regression models of soil nitrate concentration predictions in Quercus rotundifolia montados (Portugal)

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Biomass and nutrient dynamics in Mediterranean seasonal dimorphic shrubs: Strategies to face environmental constraints

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Change and dynamics in Mediterranean evergreen oak woodlands landscapes of Southwestern Iberian peninsula.

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Management of chestnut plantations for a multifunctional land use under Mediterranean conditions: effects on productivity and sustainability

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Microclimatic specificity of a Mediterranean oak woodland (montado) in context of global change

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Influence of litter layer removal on the soil thermal regime of a pine forest in a mediterranean climate

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Analysis of spatial patterns of oak decline in cork oak woodlands in Mediterranean conditions

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Soil C and N dynamics within a precipitation gradient in mediterranean eucalypt plantations

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Comparison of biomass and nutrient dynamics between an invasive and a native species in a Mediterranean saltmarsh

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Effects of soil management practices and irrigation on plant water relations and productivity of chestnut stands under Mediterranean conditions

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Ability of Cistus L. shrubs to promote soil rehabilitation in extensive oak woodlands of Mediterranean areas

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The relationship between cork oak growth patterns and soil, slope and drainage in a cork oak woodland in Southern Portugal

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Species richness and biomass of understory vegetation in a Eucalyptus globulus Labill. coppice as affected by slash management.

European Journal of Forest Research, 126: 475-480. URL:

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Book Chapters

Arsénio P.R., Madeira M. (2022)

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Percep√ß√Ķes das comunidades rurais sobre os diques de conten√ß√£o de sedimentos e √°gua na bacia hidrogr√°fica de √Āguas Belas

In: Cabo Verde ‚Äď Agronomia e Recursos Naturais. F. Cardoso Pinto (Ed.). ISAPress, Lisboa pp. 165-199. ISBN: 978-972-8669-54-6N

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Os solos da Rep√ļblica de Cabo Verde considera√ß√Ķes gerais sobre o seu conhecimento

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