Population genetics. Natural resources conservation. Forest genetics. Ecological modeling. Global warming.


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Almeida A.M., Ribeiro M.M., Ferreira M.R., Roque N., Quintela-Sabarís C., Fernandez P. (2023)

Big data help to define climate change challenges for the typical Mediterranean species Cistus ladanifer L.

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 112023: 1136224. DOI:

Almeida A. M., Martins M. J., Campagnolo M. L., Fernandez P., Albuquerque T., Gerassis S., Gonçalves J. C., Ribeiro M. M. (2022)

Prediction scenarios of past, present, and future environmental suitability for the Mediterranean species Arbutus unedo L.

Scientific Reports, 12: 84. DOI:

Alegria C., Roque N., Albuquerque M.T.D., Fernandez P., Ribeiro M.M., Canavarro C. (2021)

Species distribution and productivity spatial modelling: a case study for maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) in Portugal

Forests, 12(3): 368. DOI:

Ferreira M.R., Almeida A.M., Quintela-Sabarís C., Roque N., Fernandez P., Ribeiro M.M. (2021)

The role of littoral cliffs in the niche delimitation on a microendemic plant facing climate change

PLoS ONE, 16(10): e0258976. DOI:

Gerassis S., Albuquerque M.T.D., Roque N., Ribeiro S., Taboada J., Martín J.E., Ribeiro M.M. (2021)

Future habitat suitability for species under climate change – Lessons learned from the strawberry tree case study

Forest Ecology and Management, 491: 119150. DOI:

Gerassis S., Boente C., Albuquerque M.T.D., Ribeiro M.M., Abad A., Taboada J. (2021)

Mapping occupational health risk factors in the primary sector-A novel supervised machine learning and Area-to-Point Poisson kriging approach

Spatial Statistics, 42: 100434. DOI:

Ribeiro M.M., Diamantino T., Domigues J., Montanari I.Jr., Alves M.N., Gonçalves J.C. (2021)

Stevia rebaudiana germplasm characterization using microsatellite markers and steviol glycosides quantification by HPLC

Molecular Ecology Reports, 48: 2573‚Äď2582. DOI:

Alegria C., Roque N., Albuquerque T., Gerassis S., Fernandez P., Ribeiro M.M. (2020)

Species ecological envelopes under climate change scenarios: a case study for the main two wood-production forest species in Portugal

Forests, 11(8):880. DOI:

Rollo A., Ribeiro M.M., Costa R.L., Santos C., Clavo P.Z.M., Mandak B., Kalousova M., Vebrova H., Chuqulin E., Torres S.G., Aguilar R.M.V., Hlavsa T., Lojka B (2020)

Genetic structure and pod morphology of Inga edulis cultivated vs. wild populations from the Peruvian Amazon

Forests, 11(6): 655. DOI:

Ribeiro M.M., Roque N., Ribeiro S., Gavinhos C., Castanheira I., Quinta-Nova L., Albuquerque T., Gerassis S. (2019)

Bioclimatic modeling in the Last Glacial Maximum, Mid-Holocene and facing future climatic changes in the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L.)

PLoS One, 14:e0210062.

Raimundo J., Reis C.M.G., Ribeiro M.M. (2018)

Rapid, simple and potentially universal method for DNA extraction from Opuntia spp. fresh cladode tissues suitable for PCR amplification

Molecular Biology Reports, 45(5):1405-1412.

Reis C.M.G., Gazarini L.C., Fonseca T.F., Ribeiro M.M. (2018)

Above-ground biomass estimation of Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill. for forage crop in a Mediterranean environment by using non-destructive methods

Experimental Agriculture, 54(2): 227-242.

Reis C.M.G., Gazarini L.C., Ribeiro M.M. (2018)

Fruit production from Portuguese Opuntia ficus-indica ecotypes in comparison to commercial Italian clones

Horticultural Science, 45(2): 92-100.

Reis C.M.G., Raimundo J., Ribeiro M.M. (2018)

Assessment of genetic diversity in Opuntia spp. Portuguese populations using SSR molecular markers

Agronomy, 8(4): 55.

Reis C.M.G., Gouveia C., Vitorino C., Gazarini L.C., Ribeiro M.M., Peres F. (2017)

Bioactive compounds and morphology in Opuntia spp. fruits from Portuguese ecotypes

Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 23 (6): 929‚Äď938.

Ribeiro M.M., Piotti A., Ricardo A., Gaspar D., Costa R., Parducci L., Vendramin G.G. (2017)

Genetic diversity and divergence at the Arbutus unedo L. (Ericaceae) westernmost distribution limit

PLoS ONE, 12: e0175239. DOI:

Rollo A., Lojka B., Honys D., Mandák B., Wong J.A.C., Santos C., Costa R., Quintela-Sabarís C., Ribeiro M.M. (2016)

Genetic diversity and hybridization in the two species Inga ingoides and Inga edulis: potential applications for agroforestry in the Peruvian Amazon

Annals of Forest Science, 73(2): 425-435. DOI:

Figueiredo E., Ribeiro M.M., Canhoto J. (2013)

Fingerprinting and genetic diversity of Olea europaea L. ssp. europea accessions from the cultivar Galega using RAPD markers

Scientia Horticulturae, 156: 24-28.

Gomes F., Costa R., Ribeiro M.M., Figueiredo E., Canhoto J. (2013)

Analysis of genetic relationship between Arbutus unedo L. genotypes using RAPD and SSR markers

Journal of Forestry Research, 24(2): 227-236. DOI:

Ribeiro M.M., Sanchez L., Ribeiro C., Cunha F., Ara√ļjo J.A., Borralho N., Marques C.M. (2011)

A case study of Eucalyptus globulus fingerprinting for breeding

Annals of Forest Science, 68 (4): 701-714.

Frade J.C., Ribeiro M.I., Graça J., Rodrigues J. (2009)

Applying pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry to the identification of oriental lacquers: study of two lacquered shields

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry,¬†395: 2167‚Äď2174.

Bucci G., González-Martínez S. C., Christophe P., Ribeiro M.M., Sebastiani F., Alía, R. Vendramin G.G. (2007)

Range-wide phylogeography and gene zones in Pinus pinaster Ait. revealed by chloroplast microsatellite markers

Molecular Ecology,16: 2137-2153.

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