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Ribeiro A.C., Andrade M.B., Quesada H.B., Beltran L.B., Bergamasco R., Fonseca M., Duarte E.C.A. (2021)

Physico-chemical and electrostatic surface characterisation of mica mineral and its applicability on the adsorption of Safranin Orange and Reactive Black 5 dyes. Environmental Technology

Received 01 Aug 2020, Accepted 10 May 2021, Accepted author version posted online: 26 May 2021, Published online: 09 Sep 2021. DOI:

Portela E., Monteiro F., Fonseca M., Abreu M.M. (2019)

Effect of soil mineralogy on potassium fixation in soils developed on diferente parent material

Geoderma, 343:226-234.

Machado G., VavrdovĂĄ M., Fonseca M., Fonseca P.E., Rocha F. (2018)

Stratigraphy and Palynology of the Pennsylvanian continental Buçaco Basin (NW Iberia)

Geobios, 51(6): 507-516.

Monteiro F., Fonseca M., Madeira M., Herbillon A.J. (2012)

Driving factors determining the occurrence of sodic soils in dry subhumid Mediterranean areas

Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 175(1): 94-100.

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