Remote sensing, Land use / Land cover in tropical and subtropical forests


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Quental L., Gonçalves P., de Oliveira D., Batista M.J., Matos J.X., Sousa A.J., Marsh S., Carreiras J., Dias R. (2020)

Multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing as a source of knowledge in the portuguese sector of the iberian pyrite belt [Deteção remota multiespectral e hiperespetral como fonte de conhecimento no sector portuguĂȘs da faixa piritosa ibĂ©rica]

ComunicacÔes Geológicas, 107(3): 21-39. URL:

Melo J.B., Ziv G., Baker T.R., Carreiras J.M.B., Pearson T.R.H., Vasconcelos M.J. (2018)

Striking divergences in Earth Observation products may limit their use for REDD+

Environmental Research Letters, 13(10): 104020.

Rosa I.M.D., Purves D., Carreiras J.M.B., Ewers R.M. (2015)

Modelling land cover change in the Brazilian Amazon: temporal changes in drivers and calibration issues

Regional Environmental Change, 15(1):123-137.

Oliveira S.L.J., Pereira J.M.C., Carreiras J.M.B. (2012)

Fire frequency analysis in Portugal (1975–2005), using Landsat-based burnt area maps

International Journal of Wildland Fire, 21(1): 48-60.

Marques S., Borges J.G., Garcia-Gonzalo J., Moreira F., Carreiras J.M.B., Oliveira M.M.,Cantarinha A., Botequim B., Pereira J.M.C. (2011)

Characterization of wildfires in Portugal

European Journal of Forest Research, 130(5):775-784.

Silva J.M.N., Carreiras J.M.B., Rosa I., Pereira J.M.C. (2011)

Greenhouse gas emissions from shifting cultivation in the tropics, including uncertainty and sensitivity analysis

Journal of Geophysical Research, 116: D20304.

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Book Chapters

Tenhunen J., Geyer R., Carreiras J.M.B., Ribeiro N.A., Dinh N.Q., Otieno D., Pereira J.S. (2009)

Simulating function and vulnerability of cork oak woodland ecosystems

In: Cork oak woodlands on the edge: conservation, adaptive management and restoration. J. Aronson, J.G. Pausas, J.S. Pereira (Eds.). Island Press, New York, pp. 227-234. ISBN: 9781597264785


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