Eco-hydrology and forest micrometeorology. Water loss due to rainfall interception: Measuring and modeling of rainfall interception in sparse forests.


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Valente F., Gash J.H., NĂłbrega C., David J.S., Pereira F.L. (2020)

Modelling rainfall interception by an olive-grove/pasture system with a sparse tree canopy

Journal of Hydrology, 581: 124417. DOI:

Pereira F.L., Valente F., David J.S., Jackson N., Minunno F., Gash J.H.C. (2016)

Rainfall interception modelling: is the wet bulb approach adequate to estimate mean evaporation rate from wet/saturated canopies in all forest types?

Journal of Hydrology, 534: 606-615.

Paço T.A., David T.S., Henriques M.O., Pereira J.S., Valente F., Banza J., Pereira F.L., Pinto C. David J.S. (2009)

Evapotranspiration from a Mediterranean evergreen oak savannah: the role of trees and pasture

Journal of Hydrology, 369: 98-106.

Pereira F.L., Gash J.H., David J.S., David T.S., Monteiro P.R., Valente F. (2009)

Modelling interception loss from evergreen oak Mediterranean savannas: application of a tree-based modelling approach

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 149(3-4): 608-688.

Pereira F.L., Gash J.H., David J.S., Valente F. (2009)

Evaporation of intercepted rainfall from isolated evergreen oak trees: do the crowns behave as wet bulbs?

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 149(3-4): 667-679.

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