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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Pinto C.A., Correia A.C., Caldeira M.C., David T.S. & Costa e Silva F (2023)

Plant height determines phenological variation in Quercus suber L.

Silva Lusitana 31(1): 1-29.

Costa-e-Silva F., Correia A.C., Pinto C.A., David, J.S., Hernandez-Santana V., David T.S. (2021)

Effects of cork oak stripping on tree carbon and water fluxes

Forest Ecology and Management, 486: 118966. DOI:

David T.S., Pinto C.A., Nadezhdina N., David J.S. (2016)

Water and forests in the Mediterranean hot climate zone: a review based on a hydraulic interpretation of tree functioning

Forest Systems, 25(2): eR02. DOI:

Zarrouk O., Garcia-Tejero I., Pinto C., Genebra T., Sabir F., Prista C., David T.S., Loureiro-Dias M.C., Chaves M.M. (2016)

Aquaporins isoforms in cv. Touriga Nacional grapevine under water stress and recovery – regulation of expression in leaves and roots

Agricultural Water Management, 164 (1): 167–175.

Nadezhdina N., Cermak J., Downey A., Nadezhdin V., Peramaki M., David J.S., Pinto C.A., David T.S. (2015)

Sap flow index as an indicator of water storage use

Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 63 (2): 124–133.

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