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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Sim√Ķes R., Branco M., Nogueira C., Carvalho C., Santos-Silva C., Ferreira-Dias S., Miranda I., Pereira H. (2022)

Phytochemical composition of extractives in the inner cork layer of cork oaks with low and moderate Coraebus undatus attack

Forests, 13: 1517. DOI:

Van Sundert K., …, Caldeira M.C., …, Nogueira C. et al. (2021)

Fertilized graminoids intensify negative drought effects on grassland productivity

Global Change Biology, 27(11): 2441-2457. DOI:

Broadbent A.A.D., Firn J., McGree J.M., Borer E.T., Buckley Y.M., Harpole W.S., Komatsu K.J., MacDougall A.S., Orwin K.H., Ostle N.J., Seabloom E.W., Bakker J.D., Biederman L., Caldeira M.C., Eisenhauer N., Hagenah N., Hautier Y., Moore J.L. Nogueira C., Peri P.L., Risch A.C., Roscher C., Schuetz M., Stevens C.J. (2020)

Dominant native and non-native graminoids differ in key leaf traits irrespective of nutrient availability

Global Ecology and Biogeography, 29(7): 1126-1138. DOI:

Firn J., McGree J.M., Harvey E., Flores-Moreno H., Sch√ľtz M., Buckley Y.M., Borer E.T., Seabloom E.W., La Pierre K.J., MacDougall A.M., Prober S.M., Stevens C.J., Sullivan L.L., Porter E., Ladouceur E., Allen C., Moromizato K.H., Morgan J.W., Harpole W.S., Hautier Y., Eisenhauer N., Wright J.P., Adler P.B., Arnillas C.A., Bakker J.D., Biederman L., Broadbent A.A.D., Brown C.S., Bugalho M.N., Caldeira M.C., Cleland E.E., Ebeling A., Fay P.A., Hagenah N., Kleinhesselink A.R., Mitchell R., Moore J.L., Nogueira C., Peri P.L., Roscher C., Smith M.D., Wragg P.D., Risch A.C. (2019)

Leaf nutrients, not specific leaf area, are consistent indicators of elevated nutrient inputs

Nature Ecology & Evolution, 3: 400-406.

Nogueira C., Werner C., Rodrigues A.P., Caldeira M.C. (2019)

A prolonged dry season and nitrogen deposition interactively affect CO2 fluxes in an annual Mediterranean grassland

Science of the Total Environment, 654: 978-986.

Vaz P.G., Bugalho M.N., Fedriani J.M., Branco M., Lecomte X., Nogueira C., Caldeira M.C. (2019)

Unravelling associations between tree-seedling performance, herbivory, competition, and facilitation in high nature value farmlands.

Journal of Environmental Management, 232: 1066-1074. DOI:

Cerasoli S., Campagnolo M., Faria J., Nogueira C., Caldeira M. (2018)

On estimating the gross primary productivity of Mediterranean grasslands under different fertilization regimes using vegetation indices and hyperspectral reflectance

Biogeosciences, 15: 5455-5471.

Nogueira C., Nunes A., Bugalho M.N., Branquinho C., McCulley R.L., Caldeira M.C. (2018)

Nutrient addition and drought interact to change the structure and decrease the functional diversity of a Mediterranean grassland

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6: 155.

Nogueira C., Bugalho M.N., Pereira J.S., Caldeira M.C. (2017)

Extended autumn drought, but not nitrogen deposition, affects the diversity and productivity of a Mediterranean grassland

Environmental and Experimental Botany, 138: 99-108.

Caldeira M.C., Ib√°√Īez I., Nogueira C., Bugalho M.N., Lecomte X., Moreira A., Pereira J.S. (2014)

Direct and indirect effects of tree canopy facilitation in the recruitment of Mediterranean oaks

Journal of Applied Ecology, 51: 349-358.

Correia A.C., Minnuno F., Caldeira M.C., Banza J., Mateus J., Carneiro M., Wingate L.,Svalleva A., Ramos A., Bugalho N.M., Jongen M., Nogueira C., Lecomte X., Pereira J.S. (2012)

Soil water availability strongly modulates soil CO2 efflux in different Mediterranean ecosystems:model calibration using the Bayesian approach

Agriculture,Ecosystems and Environment, 161: 88-100.

Carneiro M., Fabi√£o A., Martins M.C., Cerveira C., Santos C., Nogueira C., Lous√£ M., Hil√°rio L., Fabi√£o A., Abrantes M., Madeira M. (2007)

Species richness and biomass of understory vegetation in a Eucalyptus globulus Labill. coppice as affected by slash management.

European Journal of Forest Research, 126: 475-480. URL:

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