Plant ecophysiology: responses to abiotic stress (plant physiology, biochemistry and metabolomics).


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Daccak D., Lidon F.C., Coelho A.R.F., LuĂ­s I.C., Marques A.C., Pessoa C.C., Brito M.G., Kullberg J.C., Ramalho J.C., Rodrigues A.P., Campos P.S., Pais I.P., Semedo J.M.N., Silva M.M. (2023)

Assessment of Physicochemical Parameters in two Winegrapes Varieties after Foliar Application of ZnSO4 and ZnO

Plants, 12: 1426. DOI:

Coelho A.R.F., Ramalho J.C., Lidon F.C., Marques A.C., Daccak D., Pessoa C.C., Luís I.C., Guerra M., Leitão R.G., Semedo J.M.N., Silva M.M., Pais I.P., Leal N., Galhano C., Rodrigues A.P., Legoinha P., Silva M.J., SimÔes M., Campos Scotti P., Pessoa M.F., Reboredo F.H. (2022)

Foliar spraying of Solanum tuberosum L. with CaCl2 and Ca(NO3)2: interactions with nutrients accumulation in tubers

Plants, 11(13): 1725. DOI:

Marques I, Rodrigues AP, Gouveia D, Lidon FC, Martins S, Semedo MC, Gaillard JC, Pais IP, Semedo JN, Scotti-Campos P, Reboredo FH, Partelli FL, DaMatta F, Armengaud J, Ribeiro-Barros AI, Ramalho JC (2022)

High-resolution shotgun proteomics reveals that increased air [CO2] amplifies the acclimation response of Coffea species to drought regarding antioxidative, energy, sugar, and lipid dynamics

Journal of Plant Physiology 276, 153788. . DOI: ttps://

Vinci G., Marques I., Rodrigues A.P., Martins S., LeitĂŁo A.E., Semedo M.C., Silva M.J., Lidon F.C., DaMatta F.M., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Ramalho J.C. (2022)

Protective Responses at the Biochemical and Molecular Level Differ between a Coffea arabica L. Hybrid and Its Parental Genotypes to Supra-Optimal Temperatures and Elevated Air [CO2]

Plants, 11: 2702. DOI:

Coelho A.R.F., Lidon F.C., Pessoa C.C., Marques A.C., Luís I.C., Caleiro J., SimÔes M., Kullberg J., Legoinha P., Brito M., Guerra M., Leitão R.G., Galhano C., Scotti-Campos P., Semedo J.N., Silva M.M., Pais I.P., Silva M.J., Rodrigues A.P., Pessoa M.F., Ramalho J.C. (2021)

Can foliar pulverization with CaCl2 and Ca(NO3)2 trigger Ca enrichment in Solanum tuberosum L. tubers?

Plants, 10(2)245: 1-17. DOI:

Jorge T.F., Ramalho J.C., Alseekh S., Pais I.P., LeitĂŁo A.E., Rodrigues A.P., Scotti-Campos P., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Fernie A.R., AntĂłnio C. (2021)

Will Casuarina glauca stress resilience be maintained in the face of climate change?

Metabolites, 11(9):593. DOI:

Marques A.C., Lidon F.C., Coelho A.R.F., Pessoa C.C., Luís I.C., Campos P.S., SimÔes M., Almeida A.S., Pessoa M.F., Galhano C., Guerra M., Leitão R.G., Legoinha P., Ramalho J.C., Semedo J.N., Rodrigues A.P., Marques P., Silva C., Ribeiro-Barros A., Silva M.J., Silva M.M. (2021)

Effect of rice grain (Oryza sativa L.) enrichment with selenium on foliar leaf gas exchanges and accumulation of nutrients

Plants, 10(2): 288. DOI:

Pessoa C.C., Lidon F.C., Coelho A.R.F., Caleiro J.C., Marques A.C., Luís I.C., Kullberg J.C., Legoinha P., Brito M.D.G., Ramalho J.C., Guerra M.A.M., Leitão R.G., SimÔes M., Campos P.S., Semedo J.M.N., Silva M.M., Pais I.P., Leal N., Alvarenga N., Gonçalves E.M., Silva M.J., Rodrigues A.P., Abreu M., Pessoa M.F., Reboredo F.H. (2021)

Calcium biofortification of Rocha pears, tissues accumulation and physicochemical implications in fresh and heat-treated fruits

Scientia Horticulturae, 277: 1098345. DOI:

Pessoa C.C., Lidon F.C., Luís I.C., Marques A.C., Coelho A.R.F., Daccak D., Ramalho J.C., Silva M.J., Rodrigues A.P., Guerra M., Leitão R.G., Scotti-Campos P., Pais I.P., Semedo J.N., Silva M.M., Legoinha P., Pessoa M.F., SimÔes M., Reboredo F.H. (2021)

Under calcium spraying nutrients accumulation in the initial stages of fruits development is critical in “Rocha” pears

Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, 33(10): 868 – 883. DOI:

Rosa N., Lidon F.C., Rodrigues A.P., Pais I.P., Scotti-Campos P., Asin L., Oliveira C.M., Ramalho J.C. (2021)

Implications of nighttime temperature on metamitron impacts on the photosynthetic machinery functioning of Malus x domestica Borkh

Journal of Plant Physiology, 261: 153427. DOI:

Semedo J.N., Rodrigues A.P., Lidon F.C., Pais I.P., Marques I., Gouveia D., Armengaud J., Silva M.J., Martins S., Semedo M.C., Dubberstein D., Partelli F.L., Reboredo F.H., Scotti-Campos P., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., DaMatta F.M., Ramalho J.C. (2021)

Intrinsic non-stomatal resilience to drought of the photosynthetic apparatus in Coffea spp. is strengthened by elevated air [CO2]

Tree Physiology, 41(5): 708 – 727. DOI:

Dubberstein D., Lidon F.C., Rodrigues A.P., Semedo J.N., Marques I., Rodrigues W.P., Gouveia D., Armengaud J., Semedo M.C., Martins S., SimÔes-Costa M.C., Moura I., Pais I.P., Scotti-Campos P., Partelli F.L., Campostrini E., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., DaMatta F.M., Ramalho J.C. (2020)

Resilient and sensitive key points of the photosynthetic machinery of Coffea spp. to the single and superimposed exposure to severe drought and heat stresses

Frontiers in Plant Science, 11: 1049. DOI:

Gomes A.M.F., Rodrigues A.P., AntĂłnio C., Rodrigues A.M., LeitĂŁo A.E., Batista-Santos P., Nhantumbo N., Massinga R., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Ramalho J.C. (2020)

Drought response of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) landraces at leaf physiological and metabolite profile levels

Environmental and Experimental Botany, 175: 104060. DOI:

Marques A.C., Lidon F.C., Coelho A.R.F., Pessoa C.C., Luís I.C., Scotti-Campos P., SimÔes M., Almeida A.S., Legoinha P., Pessoa M.F., Galhano C., Guerra M.A.M., Leitão R.G., Ramalho J.C., Semedo J.M.N., Bagulho A., Moreira J., Rodrigues A.P., Marques P., Silva C., Ribeiro-Barros A., Silva M.J., Silva M.M., Oliveira K., Ferreira D., Pais I.P., Reboredo F.H. (2020)

Quantification and tissue localization of selenium in rice (Oryza sativa l., poaceae) grains: a perspective of agronomic biofortification

Plants, 9(12): 1670. DOI:

SimÔes R., Rodrigues A.P., Ferreira-Dias S., Miranda I., Pereira H. (2020)

Chemical composition of cuticular waxes and pigments and morphology of leaves of Quercus suber trees of different provenance

Plants, 9(9): 1165. DOI:

Nogueira C., Werner C., Rodrigues A.P., Caldeira M.C. (2019)

A prolonged dry season and nitrogen deposition interactively affect CO2 fluxes in an annual Mediterranean grassland

Science of the Total Environment, 654: 978-986.

Batista-Santos P., Duro N., Rodrigues A.P., Semedo J.N., Alves P., Costa M., Graça I., Pais I., Scotti-Campos P., Lidon F.C., Leitão A.E., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Ramalho J.C. (2015)

Is salt stress tolerance of Casuarina glauca Sieb. ex Spreng. linked to the nitrogen-fixing root-nodule symbiosis? An analysis at the photosynthetic level

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 96:97-109.

Rodrigues W.P., Martins M.Q., Fortunato A.S., Rodrigues A.P., Semedo J.N., SimÔes-Costa M.C., Pais I.P., Leitão A.E., Colwell F., Goulão L., Måguas C., Maia R., Partelli F.L., Campostrini E., Scotti-Campos P., Ribeiro-Barros A.I., Lidon F.C., Damatta F.M., Ramalho J.C. (2015)

Long-term elevated air [CO2] strengthens photosynthetic functioning and mitigates the impact of supra-optimal temperatures in tropical Coffea arabica and C. canephora species

Global Changes Biology, 22(1): 415-431.

Cerasoli S., Wertin T., McGuire M.A., Rodrigues A.P., Aubrey D.P., Pereira J.S., Teskey R.O. (2014)

Poplar saplings exposed to recurring temperature shifts of different amplitude exhibit differences in leaf gas exchange and growth despite equal mean temperature

AoB Plants, 6: plu018. DOI:

Correia A.C., Costa e Silva F., Correia A.V., Hussain M.Z., Rodrigues A.P.D., David J.S., Pereira J.S. (2014)

Carbon sink strength of a Mediterranean cork oak understorey: how do semi-deciduous and evergreen shrubs face summer drought?

Journal of Vegetation Science, 25(2): 411-426. DOI:

Ramalho J.C., Damatta F.M., Rodrigues A.P., Scotti-Campos P., Pais I., Batista-Santos P., L.Partelli F., Ribeiro A., Lidon F.C., LeitĂŁo A.E. (2014)

Cold impact and acclimation response of Coffea spp. plants

Theoretical and Experimental Plant Physiology, 26: 5-18.

Ramalho J.C., Rodrigues A.P, Semedo J.N., Pais I., Martins L.D., SimÔes-Costa M.C., Leitão A.E., Fortunato A.S., Batista-Santos P., Palos I., Tomaz M.A., Scotti-Campos P., Lidon F.C., DaMatta F.M. (2013)

Sustained photosynthetic performance of Coffea spp. under long-term enhanced [CO2]

PLoS ONE, 8(12): e82712.

Vaz M., Pereira J.S., Gazarini L.C., David T.S., David J.S., Rodrigues A.P., Maroco J., Chaves M.M. (2010)

Drought-induced photosynthetic inhibition and autumn recovery in two Mediterranean oak species (Quercus ilex and Quercus suber)

Tree Physiology, 30: 946-956. DOI:

Rodrigues M.L., Santos T.P., Rodrigues A.P., de Souza C.R., Lopes C.M., Maroco J.P., Pereira J.S., Chaves M.M. (2008)

Hydraulic and chemical signalling in the regulation of stomatal conductance and plant water use in field grapevines growing under deficit irrigation

Functional Plant Biology, 35: 565-579.

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O aquecimento global ameaça a sustentabilidade da cultura do café através da infertilidade floral. Uma visão integrada para desvendar as perturbaçÔes no desenvolvimento floral e o potencial efeito protetor do CO2 atmosférico elevado

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Screening Alnus Glutinosa resistance to an emerging disease under climate stressors: predecting alder forests resilience across river networks.

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