Climate change impacts in Mediterranean woody species; Carbon fluxes in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere interface; P. pinea; Q. suber


Project RIVEAL releases new fact sheet - River regulation effects in riparian carbon stock
Project RIVEAL releases new fact sheet – River regulation effects in riparian carbon stock
This factsheet ‚Äď River regulation effects in riparian carbon stock ‚Äď features the latest scientific … Read More
CEF paper published in Forests highlights the role of riparian forests as carbon sinks
CEF paper published in Forests highlights the role of riparian forests as carbon sinks
The riparian forests (trees and shrubs located in the river banks) of the Tagus basin … Read More


Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Book Chapters

Hussain M.Z., Correia A.V., Pereira J.S., Correia A.C. (2013)

Influence of drought and forest fires on the productivity of evergreen oaks in the Iberian Peninsula

In: Droughts: new research. D.F. Neves and J. D. Sanz (Eds.). Nova Publishers, Series Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology, Hauppauge NY, pp. 289-310. ISBN: 978-1-62100-769-2



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