Detecção remota; Ambiente; Relações fogo-Homem; Modelação da propagação do fogo; Estimativa de incerteza


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Aparício, Bruno A., Akli Benali, José M. C. Pereira, Ana C. L. Sá (2023)

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1. Sá, Ana C.L., Bruno Aparicio, Akli Benali, Chiara Bruni, Michele Salis, Fábio Silva, Martinho Marta-Almeida, Susana Pereira, Alfredo Rocha, and José M.C. Pereira (2022)

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Natural Hazards & Earth System Science, 22, 3917–3938. 4.6 . DOI:, 2022

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Drivers of extreme burnt area in Portugal: fire weather and vegetation

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How do large wildfires impact sediment redistribution over multiple decades?

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. DOI:

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Wild, tamed, and domesticated: three fire macroregimes for global pyrogeography in the Anthropocene

Ecological Applications. DOI:

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Combining landscape fire simulations with stand-level growth simulations to assist landowners in building wildfire-resilient landscapes

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Understanding the impact of different landscape-level fuel management strategies on wildfire hazard in Central Portugal

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Evaluating the exposure of local communities to rural fires: the case of Alvares, Gois

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Assessing risk and prioritizing safety interventions in human settlements affected by large wildfires

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