Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Leaf economic and hydraulic traits signal disparate climate adaptation patterns in two co-occurring woodland eucalypts

Plants, 11(14): 1846. DOI:

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Multispecies, multisite, multi-age PLS regression models of chemical properties of eucalypts wood using Fourier Transformed near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 42(6): 419 – 434. DOI:

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Mechanisms of salt stress tolerance in Casuarina: a review of recent research

Journal of Forest Research, 27(2): 113 – 116. DOI:

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Response of Malus x domestica Borkh to metamitron and high night temperature: effects on physiology and fruit abscission

Scientia Horticulturae, 292: 110610. DOI:

Schmidt R., Silva L.O.E., Ferreira A., Gontijo I., GuimarĂŁes R.J., Ramalho J.C., Partelli F.L. (2022)

Variability of root system size and distribution among Coffea canephora genotypes

Agronomy, 12 (3): 647. DOI:

Serrazina S., MartĂ­nez M.T., Cano V., MalhĂł R., Costa R.L., Corredoira E. (2022)

Genetic transformation of Quercus ilex somatic embryos with a Gnk2-like protein that reveals a putative anti-oomycete action

Plants, 11 (3): 304. DOI:

Silva M.N, Carvalho S.M.P., Rodrigues A.M., GĂłmez-Cadenas A., AntĂłnio C., Vasconcelos M.W. (2022)

Defence-related pathways, phytohormones and primary metabolism are key players in kiwifruit plant tolerance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. Actinidiae

Plant Cell and Environment, 45 (2): 528-541. DOI:

Simões R., Alves A., Pathauer P.S., Palazzini D.A., Marcuci-Poltri S.N., Rodrigues J. (2022)

Prediction of the extractives content of Eucalyptus globulus wood using NIR-based PLS-R models. Influence of spectral range and preprocessing on the percentage of outliers detected

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology. DOI:

Simões R., Branco M., Nogueira C., Carvalho C., Santos-Silva C., Ferreira-Dias S., Miranda I., Pereira H. (2022)

Phytochemical composition of extractives in the inner cork layer of cork oaks with low and moderate Coraebus undatus attack

Forests, 13: 1517. DOI:

Soares C., Silva J.M.N., Boavida-Portugal J., Cerasoli S. (2022)

Spectral-based monitoring of climate effects on the inter-annual variability of different plant functional types in mediterranean cork oak woodlands

Remote Sensing, 14(3): 711. DOI:

Tupinambá-Simões F., Bravo F., Guerra-Hernández J., Pascual A. (2022)

Assessment of drought effects on survival and growth dynamics in eucalypt commercial forestry using remote sensing photogrammetry. A showcase in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Forest Ecology and Management, 505: 119930. DOI:

Vázquez E., …, Caldeira M.C., …, McCulley R.L. (2022)

Nitrogen but not phosphorus addition affects symbiotic N2 fixation by legumes in natural and semi-natural grasslands located on four continents

Plant Soil. DOI:

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Protective Responses at the Biochemical and Molecular Level Differ between a Coffea arabica L. Hybrid and Its Parental Genotypes to Supra-Optimal Temperatures and Elevated Air [CO2]

Plants, 11: 2702. DOI:

Abraços-Duarte G., Ramos S., Valente F., da Silva E.B., Figueiredo E. (2021)

Functional response and predation rate of Dicyphus cerastii Wagner (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Insects, 12(6): 530. DOI:

Alegria C., Roque N., Albuquerque M.T.D., Fernandez P., Ribeiro M.M., Canavarro C. (2021)

Species distribution and productivity spatial modelling: a case study for maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) in Portugal

Forests, 12(3): 368. DOI:

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Antioxidant activity and stable free radicals in robusta Green Coffee Genotypes

Brazilian Journal of Development, 7 (4): 37312-37330. DOI:

Alves, A. L., LeitĂŁo, A. E. B., Souza, P. E. N. de, Santos, M. de F. P., Moscon, P. S., Pessoa, M. S., Pinheiro, C. A., Morais, P. C., Partelli, F. L. (2021)

Antioxidant Activity and Stable Free Radicals in Robusta Green Coffee Genotypes/ Atividade antioxidante e Radicais Estáveis Livres em Genótipos de Café Verde Robusta

Brazilian Journal of Development, 7(4), 37312–37330. DOI:

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Characterising the agriculture 4.0 landscape - emerging trends, challenges and opportunities

Agronomy, 11(4): 667. DOI:

Barreiro S., Benali A., Rua J.C.P., Tomé M., Santos J.L., Pereira J.M.C. (2021)

Combining landscape fire simulations with stand-level growth simulations to assist landowners in building wildfire-resilient landscapes

Forests, 12(11): 1498. DOI:

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Improving land cover classification using genetic programming for feature construction

Remote Sensing, 13(9): 1623. DOI: