Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Modelling aboveground biomass of Miombo Woodlands in Niassa Special Reserve, Northern Mozambique

Forests, 13(2): 311. DOI:

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High-resolution shotgun proteomics reveals that increased air [CO2] amplifies the acclimation response of Coffea species to drought regarding antioxidative, energy, sugar, and lipid dynamics

Journal of Plant Physiology 276, 153788. . DOI: ttps://

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Overcoming the global climate crisis: solutions to minimize the loss of mediterranean plants

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Marques I., Draper D., RiofrĂ­o L., Naranjo C. (2022)

Early signs of the effects of forest fragmentation on the genetic diversity and structure of the threatened ecuadorian tree Ocotea rotundata (Lauraceae)

Forests, 13(11):1940. DOI:

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Next-generation proteomics reveals a greater antioxidative response to drought in Coffea Arabica than in Coffea canephora

Agronomy, 12 (1): 148.DOI. DOI:

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Editorial: Tropical Plant Responses to Climate Change

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23(13): 7236. DOI:

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Germination and seed traits in common alder (Alnus spp.): the potential contribution of rear-edge populations to ecological restoration success

Restoration Ecology, e13517. DOI:

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Soil VOC emissions of a Mediterranean woodland are sensitive to shrub invasion

Plant Biology. DOI:

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Kinship analysis and pedigree reconstruction of a natural regenerated cork oak (Quercus suber) population

Forests, 13 (2): 226. DOI:

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Conservation zones increase habitat heterogeneity of certified Mediterranean oak woodlands

Forest Ecology and Management, 504: 119811. DOI:

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Disease-causing agents in cashew: a review in a tropical cash crop

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Nutrient identity modifies the destabilising effects of eutrophication in grasslands

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OtĂłn G., Pereira J.M., Silva J.M.N., Chuvieco E. (2022)

Reply to Giglio et al. Comment on “Otón et al. Analysis of Trends in the FireCCI Global Long Term Burned Area Product (1982–2018). Fire 2021, 4, 74”

Fire, 5(3): 56. DOI:

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High-resolution planet satellite imagery and multi-temporal surveys to predict risk of tree mortality in tropical eucalypt forestry

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Wild, tamed, and domesticated: three fire macroregimes for global pyrogeography in the Anthropocene

Ecological Applications. DOI:

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Magnesium accumulation in two contrasting varieties of Lycopersicum esculentum L. fruits: interaction with calcium at tissue level and implications on quality

Plants, 11: 1854. DOI:

Pinheiro C., David T.S., Baptista P., Guerra-GuimarĂŁes L. (2022)

Mediterranean woody agroecosystems in a warming and drier climate: the importance of knowledge-based management

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Evolutionary history of grazing and resources determine herbivore exclusion effects on plant diversity

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Leaf economic and hydraulic traits signal disparate climate adaptation patterns in two co-occurring woodland eucalypts

Plants, 11(14): 1846. DOI:

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Multispecies, multisite, multi-age PLS regression models of chemical properties of eucalypts wood using Fourier Transformed near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 42(6): 419 – 434. DOI: