Scientific Articles (ISI)

DaCamara, Carlos C., Renata Libonati, Sílvia A. Nunes, Patricia de Zea Bermudez, and José M. C. Pereira (2022)

Global-scale statistical modelling of the radiative power released by vegetation fires using a doubly truncated lognormal body distribution with generalized Pareto tails

Physica A. 3.3. DOI:

Daccak D., Lidon F.C., Luís I.C., Marques A.C., Coelho A.R.F., Pessoa C.C., Caleiro J., Ramalho J.C., Leitão A.E., Silva M.J., Rodrigues A.P., Guerra M., Leitão R.G., Campos P.S., Pais I.P., Semedo J.N., Alvarenga N., Gonçalves E., Silva M.M., Legoinha P., Galhano C., Kullberg J.C., Brito M., SimÔes M., Pessoa M.F., Reboredo F.H (2022)

Zinc Biofortification in Vitis vinifera: Implications for Quality and Wine Production

Plants, 11, 2442. DOI:

Daccak D., Lidon F.C., Pessoa C.C., LuĂ­s I.C., Coelho A.R.F., Marques A.C., Ramalho J.C., Silva M.J., Rodrigues A.P., Guerra M (2022)

Enrichment of grapes with zinc-efficiency of foliar fertilization with ZnSO4 and ZnO and implications on winemaking

Plants, 11(11): 1399. DOI:

Dalazen J.R., Valani G.P., Vieira H.D., Ramalho J.C., Jr Lacerda V., RomĂŁo W., Partelli F.L (2022)

Nutrient accumulation in fruits and grains of black pepper at different ripening stages

CiĂȘncia Rural, 52(9): e20210470. DOI:

Davim D.A., Rossa C.G., Pereira J.M.C., Fernandes P.M. (2022)

Evaluating the effect of prescribed burning on the reduction of wildfire extent in Portugal

Forest Ecology and Management, 519: 120302. DOI:

De Luca G., Silva J.M.N., Di Fazio S., Modica G. (2022)

Integrated use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data and open-source machine learning algorithms for land cover mapping in a Mediterranean region

European Journal of Remote Sensing, 55(1): 52-70. DOI:

De Luca G., Silva J.M.N., Modica G. (2022)

Regional-scale burned area mapping in Mediterranean regions based on the multitemporal composite integration of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data

GIScience & Remote Sensing, 59(1): 1678-1705. DOI:

De Luca G., Silva J.M.N., Modica G. (2022)

Short-term temporal and spatial analysis for post-fire vegetation regrowth characterization and mapping in a Mediterranean ecosystem using optical and SAR image time-series

Geocarto International. DOI:

Dias G.A., Vasconcelos M.J., Catarino L. (2022)

Examining the socioeconomic benefits of oysters: a provisioning ecosystem service from the mangroves of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

Journal of Coastal Research, 38(2): 355 – 3601. DOI:

Donhouedé J.C.F., Salako K.V., Gandji K., Idohou R., Tohoun R., HounkpÚvi A., Ribeiro N., Ribeiro-Barros A.I. (2022)

Food and medicinal uses of Annona senegalensis Pers.: a country-wide assessment of traditional theoretical knowledge and actual uses in Benin, West Africa

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 18: 10. DOI:

dos Santos TB, da Silva Ferreira MF, Marques I, Oliveira SC, Zaidan IR, Oliveira MG, Rodrigues WP, Ribas AF, Guyot R, Ramalho JC, Ribeiro-Barros AI, Pereira LFP, Partelli FL (2022)

Current challenges and genomic advances towards the development resilient coffee genotypes to abiotic stresses

In: Genomic designing for abiotic stress resistant technical crops, p. 41-69, Kole C (ed). Springer, Cham. . DOI:

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Diversity of useful plants in Cabo Verde Islands: a biogeographic and conservation perspective

Plants, 11(10): 1313. DOI:

Ebeling A., Strauss A.T., Adler P.B., Arnillas C.A., Barrio I.C., Biederman l.A., Borer E.T., Bugalho M.N., Caldeira M.C. (2022)

Nutrient enrichment increases invertebrate herbivory and pathogen damage in grasslands

Journal of Ecology, 110(2): 327-339. DOI:

Fernandes I, Paulo OS, Marques I, Sarjkar I, Sen A, Graça I, Pawlowski K, Ramalho JC, Ribeiro-Barros AI (2022)

Fernandes I, Paulo OS, Marques I, Sarjkar I, Sen A, Graça I, Pawlowski K, Ramalho JC, Ribeiro-Barros AI. Salt stress tolerance in Casuarina glauca: insights from the branchlets transcriptome

Plants 11, 2942. DOI:

Fernandes J., Reboredo F.H., Luis I., Silva M.M., SimÔes M.M., Lidon F.C., Ramalho J.C. (2022)

Elemental composition of commercial herbal tea plants and respective infusions

Plants, 11(11): 1412. DOI:

Fernandes P., Colavolpe M.B., Serrazina S., Costa R.L (2022)

European and American chestnuts: an overview of the main threats and control efforts

Frontiers in Plant Science, 13: 951844. DOI:

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How do large wildfires impact sediment redistribution over multiple decades?

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. DOI:

Gomes Marques I., Solla A., David T.S., RodrĂ­guez-GonzĂĄlez P.M., Garbelotto M. (2022)

Response of two riparian woody plants to Phytophthora species and drought

Forest Ecology and Management, 518: 120281. DOI:

Guerra-Hernandez J., Narine L.L., Pascual A., Gonzalez-Ferreiro E., Botequim B., Malambo L., Neuenschwander A., Popescu S.C., Godinho S. (2022)

Aboveground biomass mapping by integrating ICESat-2, SENTINEL-1, SENTINEL-2, ALOS2/PALSAR2, and topographic information in Mediterranean forests

Giscience & Remote Sensing, 59(1): 1509-1533. DOI:

Guterres L., Duarte M.C., Catarino S., Roxo G., Barnabe J., Sebastiana M., Monteiro F., Romeiras M.M. (2022)

Diversity of legumes in the cashew agroforestry system in East Timor (Southeast Asia)

Foods, 11(21): 3503. DOI: