Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Can saline preconditioning enhance plant survival in degraded soils? Physiological, biochemical, and molecular responses in Casuarina glauca saplings.

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Shrub invasion overrides the effect of imposed drought on the photosynthetic capacity and physiological responses of Mediterranean cork oak trees

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Elemental Composition and Implications on Brown Rice Flour Biofortified with Selenium

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Overexpression of Water-Responsive Genes Promoted by Elevated CO2 to Reduce ROS and Enhances Drought Tolerance in Coffea Species.

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Characterization of portuguese sown rainfed grasslands using remote sensing and machine learning

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A Landsat-based atlas of monthly burned area for Portugal, 1984–2021

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Wheat Crop Under Waterlogging: Potential Soil and Plant Effects

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Correction of phenology-induced effects in forest canopy height models based on airborne laser scanning data. Insights from the deciduous mountain forests in Picos de Europa National Park in Spain

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Plant height determines phenological variation in Quercus suber L.

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Soil Arsenic Toxicity Impact on the Growth and C-Assimilation of Eucalyptus nitens

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Drivers of the microbial metabolic quotient across global grasslands

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A method to produce a flexible and customized fuel models dataset

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Growth and Leaf Gas Exchange Upregulation by Elevated CO2 is Light Dependent in Coffee Plants

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Genomic Evaluation of Coffea arabica and Its Wild Relative Coffea racemosa in Mozambique: Settling Resilience Keys for the Coffee Crop in the Context of Climate Changes

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Assessing the performance of a handheld laser scanning system for individual tree mapping—a mixed forests showcase in Spain

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Wildfires in Europe: burned soils require attention

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Coupling wildfire spread simulations and connectivity analysis for hazard assessment: a case study in Serra da Cabreira

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