Forest Inventory, Silviculture, Modelling, Simulators, Forest Management, Stand Dynamics (regeneration, growth and mortality)


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Forest species and stands regeneration

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Forest Ecology and Management 546, 121308 . DOI: URL:

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New technologies for expedited forest inventory using smartphone applications

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Optimization of forest management in large areas arising from grouping of several management bodies: an application in Northern Portugal

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Natural Regeneration of Maritime Pine: A Review of the Influencing Factors and Proposals for Management

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Forests, 14(1): 78. DOI:

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Book Chapters

Fonseca T.F., Gonçalves A.C., Lousada J. (2022)

Maritime Pine, its biological and silvicultural traits for the basis of natural resources: an overview.

In: In: Conifers. Ana Cristina Gonçalves and Teresa Fonseca (Eds.), IntechOpen, pp. 131.. ISBN: 978-1-83969-777-7 DOI:

Sandim A., Silva M. E., Gonçalves A.C., Tomé M., Fonseca T.F. (2022)

Management of Pinus pinaster Aiton for wood and resin production: a technical-financial feasibility analysis..

In: Conifers. Ana Cristina Gonçalves and Teresa Fonseca (Eds.). IntechOpen, pp. 49 . ISBN: 978-1-83969-777-7. DOI:

Tadesse W., Fonseca T.F. (2022)

Pinus patula plantations in africa: an overview of its silvicultural traits and use under SDG.

In: Conifers. Ana Cristina Gonçalves and Teresa Fonseca (Eds.).IntechOpen, pp. 112 . ISBN: 978-1-83969-777-7 DOI:

Fonseca T.F., Lousada J.L. (2021)

Management of Maritime Pine: Energetic Potential with Alternative Silvicultural Guidelines (Chapter 4)

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A GestĂŁo Florestal SustentĂĄvel na Prevenção do Risco de IncĂȘndio: Silvicultura e Pastoreio na Redução da Biomassa CombustĂ­vel (CapĂ­tulo 6)

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In: Bravo-Oviedo A., Pretzsch H., del RĂ­o M. (eds) Dynamics, Silviculture and Management of Mixed Forests. Managing Forest Ecosystems, vol 31. Springer, Champp 185-253 . DOI:



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