Fire risk and damage models; forest management planning; multiple criteria optimization; trade-off analysis


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Book Chapters

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Métodos de decisão em gestão de ecossistemas florestais: uma aproximação bioeconómica para a sustentabilidade

Duration: 2018-2021

CEF Budget: 167.534 ‚ā¨


Modelos alternativos e tomada de decis√£o robusta para o futuro da gest√£o florestal

Duration: 2016-2020

CEF Budget: 216569.36 ‚ā¨


Models and decision SUpport tools for integrated FOrest policy development under global change and associated Risk and UNcertainty

Duration: 2016-2020

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Erasmus Mundus Master’s Program in Mediterranean Forest and Natural Resources

Duration: 2012-2021

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