Forest management and planning; Ecosystem Services; Multiple Objectives; Group Decision Making; GIS


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Huber P., Kurttila M., Hujala T., Wolfslehner B., Sanchez-Gonzalez M., Pasalodos-Tato M., de-Miguel S., Bonet J.A., Marques M., Borges J.G., Enescu C.M., Dinca L., Vacik H. (2023)

Expert-based assessment of the potential of non-wood forest products to diversify forest bioeconomy in six European regions.

Forests, 14(2): 420. . DOI:

Mesquita M., Marques S., Marques M., Marto M., Constantino M., Borges J.G. (2022)

An optimization approach to design forest road networks and plan timber transportation.

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Power analysis as a tool to analyse trade-offs between ecosystem services in forest management: a case study from nine European countries

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Marques M., Reynolds K.M., Marques S., Marto M., Paplanus S., Borges J.G. (2021)

A participatory and spatial multicriteria decision approach to prioritize the allocation of ecosystem services to management units

Land, 10(7): 747. DOI:

Marques M., Reynolds K.M., Marto M., Lakicevic M., Caldas C., Murphy P.J., Borges J.G. (2021)

Multicriteria decision analysis and group decision-making to select stand-level forest management models and support landscape-level collaborative planning

Forests, 12(4): 399. DOI:

Mesquita M., Marques S., Marques M., Marto M., Constantino M., Borges J.G. (2021)

An optimization approach to design forest road networks and plan timber transportation

Operational Research. DOI:

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Integrating ecosystem services in power analysis in forest governance: a comparison across nine European countries

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Appraisal framework for actor interest and power analysis in forest management – Insights from Northern Portugal

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An approach to assess actors preferences and social learning to enhance participatory forest management planning

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Web-Based forest resources management decision support system

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Canadas M.J., Novais A., Marques M. (2016)

Wildfires, forest management and landowners’ collective action: a comparative approach at the local level.

Land Use Policy, 56: 179-188.

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Novel business models to sustainably supply forest ecosystem services

Duration: 2019-2022

CEF Budget: 49800 €


Models and decision SUpport tools for integrated FOrest policy development under global change and associated Risk and UNcertainty

Duration: 2016-2020

CEF Budget: 275333.00 €