Country level simulations of selected ecosystem services from maritime pine in Portugal under alternative management and climate scenario using the PREBAS model


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Al Pavel, M.A., Bravo, F., Ordóñez, C., Rodríguez-García, E. (2023)

Linking the effects of nursery light and fertilization and post-transplant first summer irrigation on the field survival and growth of Pinus pinaster seedlings

New Forests. DOI:

Pavel, M. A., Barreiro, S., Tomé, M. (2023)

The Importance of Using Permanent Plots Data to Fit the Self-Thinning Line: An Example for Maritime Pine Stands in Portugal

Forests, 14: 1354. DOI:

Hossain M.A., Pavel M.A., Harada K., Beierkuhnlein C., Jentsch A., Belal Uddin M. (2019)

Tree species diversity in relation to environmental variables and disturbance gradients in a northeastern forest in Bangladesh

Journal of Forestry Research,30(6): 2143-2150.

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