Earth and environmental sciences; Agroforestry systems management and soil quality monitoring; Soil C and N fluxes and dynamics


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Marques, S., Rodrigues, A.R., Paulo, J.A., Botequim, B., Borges, J.G. (2024)

Addressing Carbon Storage in Forested Landscape Management Planning‚ÄĒAn Optimization Approach and Application in Northwest Portugal.

Forests 2024, 15, 408. . DOI:

Botequim B., Bugalho M.N., Rodrigues A.R., Marques S., Marto M., Borges J.G. (2021)

Combining tree species composition and understory coverage indicators with optimization techniques to address concerns with landscape-level biodiversity

Land 2021, 10: 126. DOI:

Rodrigues A.R., Marques S., Botequim B., Marto M., Borges J.G. (2021)

Forest management for optimizing soil protection: a landscape-level approach

Forest Ecosystems, 8: 50. DOI:

Rodrigues A.R., Botequim B., Tavares C., Pecurto P., Borges J.G. (2020)

Addressing soil protection concerns in forest ecosystem management under climate change

Forest Ecosystems, 7(1): 34. DOI:

Rodrigues A.R., Costa e Silva F., Correia A.C., Bicho M.C., Madeira M., Coutinho J. (2020)

Do improved pastures enhance soil quality of cork oak woodlands in the Alentejo region (Portugal)?

Agroforestry Systems, 94(1): 125-136. DOI:

Carranca C., Castro I.V., Figueiredo N., Redondo R., Rodrigues A.R.F., Saraiva I., Maricato R., Madeira M. (2015)

Influence of tree canopy on N-2 fixation by pasture legumes and soil rhizobial abundance in Mediterranean oak woodlands

Science of the Total Environment, 506-507:86-94.

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Novel business models to sustainably supply forest ecosystem services

Duration: 2019-2022

CEF Budget: 49800 ‚ā¨


Modelos alternativos e tomada de decis√£o robusta para o futuro da gest√£o florestal

Duration: 2016-2020

CEF Budget: 216569.36 ‚ā¨