Plant ecology, Community ecology, Environmental analysis


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Scientific Articles (ISI)

Bicho M.C., Correia A.C., Rodrigues A.R., Soares David J., Costa-e-Silva F. (2022)

Climate and management effects on the herbaceous layer productivity of a cork oak woodland

Agroforestry Systems, 96 (2), pp. 315-327. DOI:

Silva M.N, Carvalho S.M.P., Rodrigues A.M., GĂłmez-Cadenas A., AntĂłnio C., Vasconcelos M.W. (2022)

Defence-related pathways, phytohormones and primary metabolism are key players in kiwifruit plant tolerance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. Actinidiae

Plant Cell and Environment, 45 (2): 528-541. DOI:

Shahin H., Correia A.H., Orazio C., Branco M., Almeida M.H. (2019)

Monitoring two REINFFORCE Network Arboreta: first result on site, climate and genetic interaction showing impact on phenology and biotic damages

Scientia Forestalis, 47(123): 552-570.

Correia A.H., Almeida M.H., Branco M., Tomé M., Cordero-Montoya R., Di Lucchio L., Cantero A., Diez Casero J., Recio C.P., Bravo F., Garzia Bengoetxea N., Arias Gonzaléz A., Jinks R., Paillassa E., Patrick P., Rozados Lorenzo M.J., Silva Pando F.J., Traver M.C., Zabalza S., Nóbrega C., Ferreira M.C., Orazio C. (2018)

Early survival and growth plasticity of 33 species planted in 38 Arboreta across the European Atlantic Area

Forests, 9(10): 630. DOI:


Arboretum & Demonstration Site Catalogue – Resource INFrastructure for monitoring, adapting and protecting European FORests under Changing climatE

Orazio C., Debets R., Di Lucchio L., Silva-Pando F.J., DĂ­ez-Casero J., GonzĂĄlez A., Cantero A., Traver C., Navarro P., Castro A., Paillassa E., Jinks R., Almeida M.H., Correia A.H. (2013)

IEFC/EFI-ATLANTIQUE, Bordeaux. ISBN: 978-2-9519296-1-9 URL:

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