Scientific Articles (ISI)

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A First Guide to Freshwater and Diadromous Fish in Portugal

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Impacts of diffuse urban stressors on stream benthic communities and ecosystem functioning: A review.

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Effects of numbers of observations and predictors for various model types on the performance of forest inventory with airborne laser scanning

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Using inventory variables for practical biodiversity assessment in plantation stands

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Beyond width and density: stable carbon and oxygen isotopes in cork-rings provide insights of physiological responses to water stress in Quercus suber L.

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Effect of climate on cork-ring width and density of Quercus suber L. in Southern Portugal.

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Linking leaf economic and hydraulic traits with early-age growth performance and survival of Eucalyptus pauciflora

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Predicting climatic threats to an endangered freshwater mussel in Europe: The need to account for fish hosts

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Global-scale statistical modelling of the radiative power released by vegetation fires using a doubly truncated lognormal body distribution with generalized Pareto tails

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Zinc Biofortification in Vitis vinifera: Implications for Quality and Wine Production

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Enrichment of grapes with zinc-efficiency of foliar fertilization with ZnSO4 and ZnO and implications on winemaking

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Nutrient accumulation in fruits and grains of black pepper at different ripening stages

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Evaluating the effect of prescribed burning on the reduction of wildfire extent in Portugal

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Chemical composition of heartwood and sapwood of Tectona grandis characterized by CG/MS-PY

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Integrated use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data and open-source machine learning algorithms for land cover mapping in a Mediterranean region

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Regional-scale burned area mapping in Mediterranean regions based on the multitemporal composite integration of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data

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Short-term temporal and spatial analysis for post-fire vegetation regrowth characterization and mapping in a Mediterranean ecosystem using optical and SAR image time-series

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Growth pattern of European black pine outside its current natural range: a case study in Portugal.

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BetaBayes – A bayesian approach for comparing ecological communities.

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Examining the socioeconomic benefits of oysters: a provisioning ecosystem service from the mangroves of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

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