Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Maceration of waste cork in binary hydrophilic solvents for the production of functional extracts

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Variation in leaf cutin content and chemical composition along one annual cycle in the Mediterranean cork oak (Quercus suber L.).

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Estimating the Trade-Offs between Wildfires and Carbon Stocks across Landscape Types to Inform Nature-Based Solutions in Mediterranean Regions

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A decomposição de resíduos de abate de plantações florestais, dinâmica de libertação nutrientes e fertilidade do solo.

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Growth and Leaf Gas Exchange Upregulation by Elevated CO2 is Light Dependent in Coffee Plants

Plants, 12: 1479. DOI:

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Continuous production of dietetic structured lipids using crude acidic olive pomace oils

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Resistance of Untreated and Torrefied Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) Residues to Xylophage Fungi.

Forests, 14(2): 307. DOI:

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Genomic Evaluation of Coffea arabica and Its Wild Relative Coffea racemosa in Mozambique: Settling Resilience Keys for the Coffee Crop in the Context of Climate Changes

Plants, 12: 244. DOI:

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Production of oligosaccharides from pine nut shells by autohydrolysis

Bioenergy Research (online first). DOI:

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Assessing the performance of a handheld laser scanning system for individual tree mapping—a mixed forests showcase in Spain

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Wildfires in Europe: burned soils require attention

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Statistical analysis of extreme temperatures in India in the period 1951–2020

Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 152: 473–520. . DOI:

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