Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Growth and Leaf Gas Exchange Upregulation by Elevated CO2 is Light Dependent in Coffee Plants

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Genomic Evaluation of Coffea arabica and Its Wild Relative Coffea racemosa in Mozambique: Settling Resilience Keys for the Coffee Crop in the Context of Climate Changes

Plants, 12: 244. DOI:

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Production of oligosaccharides from pine nut shells by autohydrolysis

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Assessing the performance of a handheld laser scanning system for individual tree mapping—a mixed forests showcase in Spain

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Tree bark characterization envisioning an integrated use in a biorefinery

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Wildfires in Europe: burned soils require attention

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Statistical analysis of extreme temperatures in India in the period 1951–2020

Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 152: 473–520. . DOI:

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Nutrient content with different fertilizer management and influence on yield and fruit quality in apple cv. Gala

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An ecological-economic approach to assess impacts of the expansion of eucalyptus plantations in agroforest landscapes of Northern Ethiopia

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The status and role of genetic diversity of trees for the conservation and management of riparian ecosystems: a European experts' perspective

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Prediction scenarios of past, present, and future environmental suitability for the Mediterranean species Arbutus unedo L.

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Large-Scale Wildfire Mitigation Through Deep Reinforcement Learning

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Analytical pyrolysis as a tool to assess residual lignin content and structure in Maritime Pine high-yield pulp

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Correlation between lignin content and syringyl-to-guaiacyl (S/G) ratio of Eucalyptus globulus wood

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Anticipating the Effects of Increasing Rivers’ Water Salinity for Sustainable Conservation of Tilapia Resources in Rural Coastal Zone of Benin, West Africa

Tanzania Journal of Science 47 (5): 1890-1900.. DOI: