Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Properties of Pinus sp. pellets prepared after in-line pre-compaction with torrefaction

BioResources, 18(2):3440-3451. URL:

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Shrub invasion overrides the effect of imposed drought on the photosynthetic capacity and physiological responses of Mediterranean cork oak trees

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Ring data provide management clues and pinpoint climate drivers of growth in two species of miombo trees (Brachystegia spiciformis, Julbernardia paniculata)

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Cork cellular and chemical features underlying bark environmental protection in the Miombo species Parinari curatellifoila

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Cold thermopeaking-induced drift of nase Chondrostoma nasus larvae

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Testing the links between bird diversity, alien species and disturbance within a human-modified landscape.

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Elemental Composition and Implications on Brown Rice Flour Biofortified with Selenium

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Overexpression of Water-Responsive Genes Promoted by Elevated CO2 to Reduce ROS and Enhances Drought Tolerance in Coffea Species.

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Torrefaction of Forest Residues Using a Lab-Scale Reactor

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Monitoring and control of forest seedling quality in Europe

Forest Ecology and Management 546, 121308 . DOI: URL:

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Melanaspis corticosa: a new insect pest of olive trees in Europe

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Characterization of portuguese sown rainfed grasslands using remote sensing and machine learning

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Recent trends in fire regimes and associated territorial features in a megafire-prone Mediterranean region

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Halotolerant endophytes promote grapevine regrowth after salt-induced defoliation

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A Landsat-based atlas of monthly burned area for Portugal, 1984‚Äď2021

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Identifying freshwater priority areas for cross-taxa interactions

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Wheat Crop Under Waterlogging: Potential Soil and Plant Effects

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Correction of phenology-induced effects in forest canopy height models based on airborne laser scanning data. Insights from the deciduous mountain forests in Picos de Europa National Park in Spain

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