Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Another chapter in the history of the European invasion by the western conifer seed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis: the Iberian Peninsula

Diversity, 15(1): 64.. DOI:

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D-lactic acid production from hydrothermally pretreated, alkali delignified and enzymatically saccharified rockrose with the metabolic engineered Escherichia coli strain JU15.

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Novel, edible melanin-protein-based bioactive films for cheeses: antimicrobial, mechanical and chemical characteristics

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Algaeculture for agriculture: from past to future.

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Integrating wildfire resistance and environmental concerns into a sustainable forest ecosystem management approach

Frontiers in Forest and Global Change 6 . DOI:

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Do Distance-Dependent Competition Indices Contribute to Improve Diameter and Total Height Tree Growth Prediction in Juvenile Cork Oak Plantations?

Forests 14(5), 1066. DOI:

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Forest species and stands regeneration

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Long-term N-addition alters the community structure of functionally important N-cycling soil microorganisms across global grasslands

Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 176, 108887. DOI:

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Ellagic acid as stabilizer in the thermo-oxidative degradation of thermoplastic polyurethane

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Testing early detection of pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa nests using UAV-based methods.

NeoBiota, 84: 267-279.. DOI: DOI:

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Digestate not only affects nutrient availability but also soil quality indicators

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Effectiveness of the Natura 2000 network for freshwater fish conservation in a Mediterranean region

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Hydropeaking impact assessment for Iberian cyprinids and leuciscids: an adaptation of the hydropeaking tool method

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Influence management and disturbances on the regeneration of forest stands.

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Validation of the scale knowledge and perceptions about edible insects through structural equation modelling

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Expert-based assessment of the potential of non-wood forest products to diversify forest bioeconomy in six European regions.

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Forest in Mozambique: Actual Distribution of Tree Species and Potential Threats

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Quercus suber allometry in the West Mediterranean basin

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Can saline preconditioning enhance plant survival in degraded soils? Physiological, biochemical, and molecular responses in Casuarina glauca saplings.

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Physical properties and thermal conductivity of cork-based sandwich panels for building

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