Scientific Articles (ISI)

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Properties of Pinus sp. pellets prepared after in-line pre-compaction with torrefaction

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Halotolerant endophytes promote grapevine regrowth after salt-induced defoliation

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A tree- and climate-dependent growth model to predict mature annual cork thickness under different climate change scenarios.

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The Importance of Using Permanent Plots Data to Fit the Self-Thinning Line: An Example for Maritime Pine Stands in Portugal

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Characterization of mineral composition and nutritional value of acacia green pods

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Cuticular waxes and cutin in Terminalia catappa leaves from the equatorial São Tomé and Príncipe islands

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Nematode problems in forests and their sustainable management

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Coexistence of insect species in a phloem feeding guild: Deterministic and stochastic processes

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Ecogeographical determinants of investment in chemical defences in pines

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Impact of fire recurrence and induced water stress on seed germination and root mitotic cell cycle of Pinus pinaster.

Forests, 14(1): 78. . DOI:

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Miniaturized solid phase extraction techniques applied to natural products

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Biochemical characterization and fuel properties of endemic Taurus flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus subsp. cilicica) bark from Turkey

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Pyrolysis and extraction of bark in a biorefineries context: A critical review

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Slow pyrolysis of Quercus cerris cork: characterization of biochars and pyrolysis volatiles

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Maceration of waste cork in binary hydrophilic solvents for the production of functional extracts

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Variation in leaf cutin content and chemical composition along one annual cycle in the Mediterranean cork oak (Quercus suber L.).

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Continuous production of dietetic structured lipids using crude acidic olive pomace oils

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Production of oligosaccharides from pine nut shells by autohydrolysis

Bioenergy Research (online first). DOI: