Mixed forests of cork oak and stone pine: Management for the valorization of products, promotion of biodiversity and prevention of forest fires

The mixture of cork oak and stone pine has expansion potential in some regions of the country. Compared to other Mediterranean countries, it is in Portugal that both species find optimal conditions to grow and thrive. The country has not only the most productive regions for cork and pine cones in the world, but also centuries of accumulated knowledge about the best techniques for installing plants, managing stands and harvesting the products. Both species produce non-woody forest products that are highly valued in national and international markets. Demand is greater than supply and the forest owner is interested in this mixture because of the possibility of combining these two incomes. This species composition already exists spontaneously in Portugal, suggesting that, with proper management, it can be even more profitable. How and where this mixture can thrive are questions this project aims to answer.

Principal Investigator at CEF: Alexandra Correia

Duration: 2021-2025

CEF Budget: 163640.00 ‚ā¨

Partners: INIAV

ForChange ForEco

Dammed Fish

Impact of structural and functional river network connectivity losses on fish biodiversity ‚Äď Optimising management solutions

Dammed Fish aims to evaluate and propose solutions and tools to inform river network connectivity management to improve fish biodiversity and to enhance biotic quality of European rivers. Dammed Fish will simplify river connectivity by streamlining data availability and calculations, culminating in the development of guidance and management tools.

Principal Investigator at CEF: Paulo Branco

Duration: 2022-2024

CEF Budget: 244.000 ‚ā¨



Decision Support for the Supply of Ecosystem Services under Global Change
Horizon 2020

DecisionES is a project funded by the Marie Skodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) action under the European Union H2020. The consortium was built to include highly qualified research institutions in ten countries (i.e. Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Canada and USA) that share complementary interests in key scientific disciplines for an ecosystem services supply chain. The DecisionES network general objective is to enhance forest management planning and policy analysis by evolving an integrated and multifunctional ecosystem services supply approach thus effectively contributing to delivery of services under climate change. Further, an innovative dissemination and communication approach will be used to transfer of technology and knowledge to enhance forest management planning and policy analysis. DecisionES plans to realize its strategic vision and general objective through the integration of complementary state-of-the-art multidisciplinary expertise available in its beneficiary and partner institutions.

Principal Investigator at CEF: José G. Borges

Duration: 2021-2025

CEF Budget: 258300,00 ‚ā¨

Partners: ALU_FR - University of Freiburg ¬∑ CATIE - Centro Agron√≥mico Tropical de Investigaci√≥n y Ense√Īanza ¬∑ CTFC ¬∑ FBS - Forest Bioengineering Solutions ¬∑ Forest Service Research Station ¬∑ ISCI ¬∑ PennState - The Pennsylvania State University State ¬∑ PUC - Pontificia Universidad Cat√≥lica de Chile ¬∑ SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences ¬∑ UE - Universidade de √Čvora ¬∑ UEF - University of Eastern Finland ¬∑ Universidad Polit√©cnica de Madrid ¬∑ Universit√© Laval ¬∑ UQAM - Universit√© du Queb√©c √† Montr√©al ¬∑ USDA - United States Department of Agricultue - Forest Services ¬∑ USP - Universidade de S√£o Paulo ¬∑ UW - University of Washington


Developing an early warning system for forest fire in Mozambique

Banco Mundial

Principal Investigator at CEF: José M. C. Pereira

Duration: 2017-2018

CEF Budget: 833.390 ‚ā¨


Development of holistic fishways to restore fish passage at river obstructions


Duration: 2018-2023

CEF Budget: 3.000 ‚ā¨


Disentangling the effects of drought on the resilience of cork oak canopy leaf area index and tree secondary growth

Studies show a drying trend across the Iberian Peninsula, with a forecasted increase in the frequency and severity of drought events. These fluctuations in atmospheric water demand and water availability are expected to have a significant impact on the growth and resilience of cork oak woodlands in Portugal, with critical ecological and socio-economic ramifications. Therefore, it is crucial to better understand cork oak growth and resilience to changes in climate, particularly drought. The main aim of this proposal is to investigate the inter-annual patterns of tree radial wood and cork growth of trees along a drought gradient established with climatic data (SPEI).

Principal Investigator at CEF: Maria C. Caldeira

Duration: 2023-2024


Diverse pathways to nourishment

Diverse pathways to nourishment: Understanding how agricultural biodiversity enhances food security and nutrition
Pursuit Program

Duration: 2018-2019



Duero (Douro) River basin: Water resources, Water accounts and Target sustainability

Duration: 2014-2015

CEF Budget: 39.134 ‚ā¨



PIV.1.3. Emarketplace of forest products

Electronic platforms open up new opportunities to connect and empower producers and small and medium-sized enterprises, which have been little explored in the forestry sector. However, in the agricultural sector, projects such as Fruta Fresca demonstrate that it is possible to create electronic markets, with gains for suppliers, distributors, business partners and customers, and allowing for the positive differentiation of "BIO" products. This project aims to develop a single digital platform to support the trade of forest products - TRansForm - a marketplace aimed at facilitating business and publicizing enterprises and products, in particular: plants, woody residues/forest biomass, nuts and other non-timber products (NTFP). The rationale is to enable the forest owner to report the availability of woody residues or needs to acquire plants. Requests are forwarded to recipients, preferably regional ones, who may be interested in offering/receiving this product, as well as supplying raw materials suited to the needs of the industries in the sector. This project will help to create synergies between the actors in the supply chain (agreements, partnerships), and regional networking and strengthening of relations between actors by promoting the sharing of technological knowledge, the valorization and marketing of products in transparent buy-sell on platforms and virtual markets, intensifying the integration of small producers to better link producers and consumers of forest products to the e-market. Innovation and science approaches come together in this PIV 1.3 to develop consolidated technological solutions in e-communication, e-business, e-adaptation, ecommerce and e-knowledge to connect all stakeholders.

Principal Investigator at CEF: Susete Marques

Duration: 2023-2025

CEF Budget: 80036.00 ‚ā¨

Partners: AGRIMP · ANEFA · ForestWise