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Activities and Outputs


Cooperation agreement with the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) and Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF).

Funding: Portuguese carbon fund. Period: June 2015 to February 2016.


Effects of fire and forest management in cork oak forest stands

Funding: Municipality of Coruche (CMC) and Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT). Period: 2013-Present. Reference: SFRH/BPD/93373/2013.


FIREREG - Factors affecting the post-fire natural regeneration variability in Pinus pinaster and Eucalyptus globulus in Portugal: implications for biodiversity and post-fire management

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). Period: June 2010 to September 2013. Reference: PTDC/AGR-CFL/099420/2008.


ENHANCE - Enhancing risk management partnerships for catastrophic natural disasters in Europe

Funding: UE/FP7-ENV-2012. Period: December 2012 to November 2016. Reference: 308438.


Control and management of vegetation in forest areas

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), PRAXIS Programme. Period: 1997-1999. Reference: XXI.PRAXIS 3/3.2/FLOR/2108/95.


Prescribed fire effect on populations of terrestrial vertebrates

Funding: Science and Technology Foundation(FCT), Specific Enviroment Program. Period: 1998-2000. Reference: PEAM/C/IF/004/97.


FIRE TORCH - Prescribed burning as a tool for the Mediterranean region: a management approach

Funding: EU, 6th Framework Programme, "Environment and Climate". Period: 1998-2000. Reference: ENV4-CT97-0715.


Monitoring forests at the management unit level for fire prevention and control (FIREGUARD)

Funding: EU, 5th Framework Programme, "Quality of life and Living Resources" Programme. Period: 2001-2005. Reference: QLK5-CT-2001-00784.

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