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INNES Summer Schools: Vienna & Istanbul calling!

Different fields: Engineering,Entrepreneurship, Energy and Civil Engineering, Water Resource Management, etc

We would like introduce the INNES Summer Schools 2015 in many different fields: Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Art and Design, Energy and Civil Engineering, Water Resource Management, Urbanism, Business, Economy, Disaster Mitigation, Architecture, Food Design, Automotive Design, Management, Culture, Politics, Human Rights, Cross-Cultural Training, Startups and much more!

The participants will as always experience the exciting combination of a high-quality academic education provided by our excellent international lecturers and a wide range of cultural and social activities! Our Summer schools are the perfect environment for studying, applying the knowledge, making friends all over the world and networking for the future career.

For being one of our "early birds," the participants get up to 25% off the tuition fee until the end of December 2015.

INNES Summer

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