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  Guia de Boas Práticas Agrícolas para a Redução das Emissões de Amoníaco
The portuguese version of a "Guide to Good Agricultural Practices for the Reduction of Ammonia Emissions" was lauched at GPP on February 21st.
  Publication - abating N policies
Hellsten S, Dalgaard T, Rankinen K, Tørseth K, Kulmala A, Turtola E, Moldan F, Pira K, Piil K, Bakken L, Bechmann M, Olofsson S. 2019. Abating N in Nordic agriculture - Policy, measures and way forward. J Environ Manage 15;236:674-686.
  Publication - mapping the uncertainties of nitrogen budgets
Cameira MR, Faro A, Cordovil CMdS, Valente F, Rolim J, Dragosits U. in press. Spatial distribution and uncertainties of nitrogen budgets for agriculture in the Tagus river basin in Portugal – implications for effectiveness of mitigation measures. Land Use Policy.

Publication - about the importance of site specific modulators
Odgaard MV, Dalgaard T, Bøcher PK, Svenning J. 2018. Site-specific modulators control how geophysical and socio-technical drivers shape land use and land cover. Geography and Environment.


Publication - factors predicting shrub encroachment
Nunes A, Köbel M, Pinho P, Matos P, Costantini EAC, Soares C, deBello F, Correia O, Branquinho C . 2019. Local topographic and edaphic factors largely predict shrub encroachment in Mediterranean drylands. Sci Total Environ 20:310-318.

  Publication - waste reduction
Pinto RS, Pinto RMdS, Melo FFS, Campos SC, Cordovil CMdS. 2018. A simple awareness campaign to promote food waste reduction in a University canteen. Waste Management 76:28-38
  Publication - nitrogen assessment in a water basin
Cordovil CMdS, Cruz S, Brito AG, Cameira MdR1, Poulsen JR, Thodsen H, Kronvang B. 2018. A Simplified Nitrogen Assessment in Tagus River Basin: A Management Focused Review. Water 10, 406.


Publication - essential biodiversity change indicators under global change
Branquinho C, Serrano H, Nunes A, Pinho P, Matos P. accepted. Essential biodiversity change indicators for evaluating the effects of Anthropocene in ecosystems at a global scale. In: From Assessing to Conserving biodiversity - Beyond the Species Approach, Eds. E. Casetta, D. Vecchi, J. Marques da Silva. Springer Series History, Philosophy and Theory of the Life Sciences

  Publication - δ15N in lichens reflects the isotopic signature of ammonia source
Munzi S, Branquinho C, Cruz C, Máguas C, Leith I, Sheppard L, Sutton M. in press. δ15N in lichens reflects the isotopic signature of ammonia source. Science of the Total Environment

Publication - Tools to evaluate the effectivenees of Air Quality Directive
Serrano HC, Oliveira A, Ceres B, Augusto S, Pereira MJ, Pinho P, Branquino C. 2019. Measuring and mapping the effectiveness of the European Air Quality Directive in reducing N and S deposition at the ecosystem level. Science of the Total Environment, 647: 1531-1538


Publication - Critical Natura 2000 areas to protect from N pollution
Pinho P, Dias T, Cordovil CMDS, Dragosits U, Dise NB, Sutton MA, Branquinho C. 2018. Mapping Portuguese Natura 2000 sites in risk of biodiversity change caused by atmospheric nitrogen pollution. Plos One – 13:e0198955


Publication - Review on the impact of climate change adaptation in soil functions
Hamidov A , Helming K, Schönhart M, Bellocchi G, Bojar W, Dalgaard T, Ghaley BB, Hoffmann C, Holman I, Holzkaemper A, Krzeminska D, Kværnø SH, Lehtonen H, Øygarden L, Reidsma P, Roggero PP, Santos C, Skarbøvik E, Teodor R, Ventrella D (2018) Impacts of agricultural climate change adaption options on soil functions: A review of European case studies. Land Degradation and Development, 2018;1–12

  Publication - N budgets at multiple scales
Kros H, Hutchings NJ, Kristensen IT, Kristensen IS, Børgesen CD, Voogd JC, Dalgaard T and de Vries W (2018) A comparison of disaggregated nitrogen budgets for Danish agriculture using Europe-wide and national approaches. Science of The Total Environment Volume 643: 890-901

Publication - Impact of climate change adaptation in ecosystem services
Santos A, Godinho D, Vizinho A, Alves F, Pinho P, Penha-Lopes G, Branquinho C. 2018. Artificial lakes as a climate change adaptation strategy in drylands: evaluating the trade-off on non-target ecosystem services. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies to Global Change, 23:887-906

  Publication - An opportunity to address nitrogen impacts
Cordovil CMdS, Branquinho C, Serrano H. 2018. An opportunity to address nitrogen impacts. Connected Environmental Research (digital edition)", 39-41 pp.
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Publication - Nitrogen sources to the atmosphere
Pinho P, Barros C, Augusto A, Pereira MJ, Máguas C, Branquinho C. 2017. Using nitrogen concentration and isotopic composition in lichens to spatially assess the relative contribution of atmospheric nitrogen sources in complex landscapes. Environmental Pollution, 230:632-638

  Children book on Nitrogen
Within NitroPortugal the English and Portugueseversion of the children book “Nitrogen, a goody or a baddy?” by Vanda Brotas and illustrations by Rui Sousa are now available to download.

Publications - proceeding paper 2017
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  NecoSchool training videos (2)
Matthew Jones | Performance Methods at Whim
Dimitrios Sarris Demonstration | Tree Ring Analysis

Graça Oliveira & Augusta Costa | Cork-oaks
Maria Caldeira | N Manipulation Experiments

Dimitrios Sarris | Sampling Tree Rings
  NecoSchool training videos
Cristina Branquinho | The effect of N in ecosystems in Portugal
José Lima Santos | Sustainable intensification of Agrculture in Portugal
Margarida Santos-Reis | The LTERmontado
Mark Sutton | Nitrogen in the world, WAGES approach to Nitrogen
Pedro Pinho | The atmospheric N in Portugal

Land Use and Water Quality
Presenting two works: Aquatic ecosystems under agricultural nitrogen pressures in Portugal and Denmark and Addressing water resources protection and agriculture development in a transboundary river basin: The nitrogen factor in Tagus River (Portugal/Spain)

  International Ramiran Conference
Presenting the work Modelling the N losses from intensive dairy systems in Portugal.

Reunión RUENA Sevilla 2017
Presenting the NitroPortugal project: Strengthening Portuguese research and innovation capacities in the field of excess reactive nitrogen

From Aarhus University, the FarmAC model,created from the AnimalChange project, simulates the flows of carbon and nitrogen on arable and livestock farms, quantifying greenhouse gas emissions, soil C sequestration and N losses to the environment. It also simulates crop and livestock production.
  19th Nitrogen workshop
Results presented at the 19th Nitrogen workshop - Efficient use of different sources in nitrogen in agriculture: from theory to practice. 27-29 June Skara, Sweden
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  ORBIT 2016 : Organic Resources and Biological Treatment
Results presented at the 10th International Conference on Circular Economy and Organic Waste. 25-28 May, Crete, Greece
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  COST Workshop
COST-EC Joint Exploratory Workshop: Pathways for Connecting Excellence by Twinning, Teaming, ERA-Chairs and COST Networking Actions. 24 May 2016, Brussels, Belgium
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Presentation about NitroPortugal: introduction to the Nitrogen issue, project objectives and scientific framework



NitroPortugal: Strengthening Portuguese research and innovation capacities in the field of excess reactive nitrogen
NitroPortugal is H2020-TWINN-2015 Coordination & support action (nr 692331)