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Working Group 1
Special Issue title: Trends in modeling to address forest management and environmental challenges in Europe
Special Issue contents:

 Trends in modeling to address forest management and environmental challenges in Europe: Introduction (pp. 3-7)
H. Bugmann, Marc Palahi, H D Bontemps, Margarida Tome
 Models for supporting forest management in a changing environment (pp. 8-29)
Luis Fontes, Jean-Daniel Bontemps, Harald Bugmann, Marcel Van Oijen, Carlos Gracia, Koen Kramer, Marcus Lindner, Thomas Rötzer, Jens Peter Skovsgaard
Abstract PDF
 Recent approaches to model the risk of storm and fire (pp. 30-47)
Marc Hanewinkel, H. Peltola, P. Soares, J. R. González-Olabarria
Abstract PDF
 Simulating wood quality in forest management models (pp. 48-68)
Annikki Mäkelä, Jennifer Grace, Gabrielle Deckmyn, Anu Kantola, V. Kint
Abstract PDF
 Modelling Non-Wood Forest Products in Europe: a review (pp. 69-85)
Rafael Calama Sainz, Margarida Tome, M. Sánchez-González, J. Miina., K. Spanos, Marc Palahi
Abstract PDF
 Simulation tools for decision support to adaptive forest management in Europe (pp. 86-99)
Bart Muys, Jari Hynynen, Marc Palahi, Manfred J. Lexer, Marek Fabrika, Hans Pretzsch, François Gillet, Elemer Briceño, Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Vincent Kint
Abstract PDF
 Equilibrium and non-equilibrium concepts in forest genetic modelling: population- and individually-based approaches (pp. 100-112)
Koen Kramer, D. C. van der Werf
Abstract PDF
 Modelling bird species richness with neural networks for forest (pp. 113-125)
Assu Gil-Tena, Cristina Vega-García, Lluís Brotons, Santiago Saura

Special Issue link:

Rennolls, K., R. Päivinen, R., San-Miguel-Ayanz, J.,Tomé, M., Skovsgaard, J.P, Palahi, M., Matthews, R. Harmonisation of European forest growing stockingdata using a model-based conversion approach. Forest Biometry, Modelling and Information Sciences, Vol. 1,1–34.

Working Group 2
Seidl, R., Fernandes, P.M., Fonseca, T.F., Gillet, F., Jönsson, A.M., Merganičová, K., Netherer, S., Arpaci, A., Bontemps, J.-D., Bugmann, H., González-Olabarria , J. R., Lasch, P. Meredieu, C., Moreira, F. Schelhaas, M.-J. and Mohren, F., 2011. Modelling natural disturbances in forest ecosystems: A review. Ecological Modelling 222 (4): 903-924. doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2010.09.040

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)
Calama, R., Mutke, S., Tomé, J.A., Gordo, F.J., Montero, G., Tomé, M. 2011. Modelling spatial and temporal variability in a zero-inflated variable: the case of stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) cone production. Ecological Modelling 222, 606-618. doi 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2010.09.020

Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Pukkala, T., Borges, J.G. Integrating fire risk in stand management scheduling. An application to Maritime pine stands in Portugal. Accepted for publication in Annals of Operational Research journal.

Kint, V., Hein, S., Campioli, M. & Muys, B. (2010). Modelling self-pruning and branch attributes for young Quercus robur L.  and Fagus sylvatica L. trees. Forest Ecology and Management, 260, 2023-2034. doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2010.09.008

Merganičová K., Merganič J., 2010: Coarse woody debris carbon stocks in natural spruce forests of babia hora. Journal of Forest Science, 56 (9), p. 397-405, ISSN: 1212-4834


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