COST Action FP0603
Forest models for research and decision support in sustainable forest management

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Forest models for research and decision support in sustainable forest management

COST FP0603 Final meeting  

Pierroton (Bordeaux), France - 1-2 March 2012


Welcome local organizers

WG1 – Identification and description of forest growth models available in Europe

WG2 – Biological scope to improve forest growth models towards multifunctional sustainable forest management

WG3 – Data-model interactions

WG4 – Use of forest models at different scales, from tree to landscape and to European level, scenario modelling

Session I – Forest models and model platforms in Europe

Session II – Biological scope to improve forest growth models

Session III – Data-model interactions

Session IV – Use of models at different scales

COST Action FP0603 Wrap up

Poster Session

More details about this meeting and registration at the local organiser website: EFI Atlantic.


Forest growth models are important tools within research to investigate and understand key ecosystem processes and to support forest management decisions. Sustainable forest management requires detailed information on tree growth and forest dynamics, including structural development, biodiversity indicators, and effects of disturbances. This is reflected in increasing emphasis, throughout Europe, on more detailed, versatile forest growth models which are able to forecast forest growth, account for changes in growing conditions, address risks and society needs and explicitly address forest management and its role within sustainable development. 

Objectives and target audience 

This international conference will focus on the current state of knowledge on forest models and their use to support decision support in sustainable forest management. It will highlight the results of the COST Action FP0603 and discuss them in the context of the world research on this topic. 
The conference is directed not only to researchers but provides also a forum for stakeholders where the support of models to forest management will be presented and discussed. 
100 to 150 scientists, policy makers, planners, managers, specialized journalists, including representatives of a wide range of socioeconomic, ecological and institutional contexts are expected.

Topics addressed by the Conference 

- How good are forest models in Europe? 
Database for forest models in Europe, inventory of computer platforms for implementation of model 
- Biological scope to improve forest growth models 
Discussion of concepts: underlying theories, modelling concepts, data needs; simulation of the impact of natural hazards and other disturbances; adaptive forest management 
- Data-model interactions 
Data availability and data needs; using models for estimation of indicators of multifunctional sustainable forest management, model validation, limits and uncertainties 
- Use of forest models at different scales 
Identification of decision support needs at different scales; relationship between models used at different scales; scenario models 

Scientific committee 
Margarida TOMÉ, ISA/UTL, Portugal 
Frits MOHREN, Wageningen University, The Netherlands 
Annikki MÄKELÄ, University of Helsinki, Finland 
Hubert HASENAUER, Institute of siviculture, Austria 
Jean-Michel CARNUS, INRA, France 
Céline MEREDIEU, INRA, UMR 1202 Biogeco, France 

Organising committee 
Margarida TOMÉ, ISA/UTL, Portugal 
Christophe ORAZIO, EFIATLANTIC, France 
Céline MEREDIEU, INRA, UMR 1202 Biogeco, France 
Luís FONTES, ISA/UTL, Portugal 

EFIATLANTIC – regional office of EFI 
IUFRO – Division IV – Forest assessment, modeling and management

Conference Venue 
Site de Recherches Forêt Bois de Pierroton 
69 route d'Arcachon 
33612 CESTAS Cedex 

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