Theoretical Ecology and Biodiversity Change Lab

ECP - Peneda Field Station

The researchers in our group can use the Peneda Field Station in the heart of the Peneda-GerÍs National Park. It is located at 800m elevation, in the heart of the Peneda Mountain Range, at the transition between an area of small farms and pastures (now in their way to abandonment), and the largest and most pristine oak forest (Quercus robus and Quercus pyrenaica) in the region. At walking distance one can climb to an elevation of >1300m, with mountain scrubland becoming the dominating vegetation (Erica sp., Ulex minor, Chamaespartium tridentata). The region is a biodiversity hotspot, partially due to the range of elevations and high rainfall (above 2000mm). Some of the emblematic fauna that can be seen includes wolf, stoat, wild boar, roe-deer, red squirrel, Vipera latastei, V. seoanei, Lacerta schreiberi, Lacerta lepida, short-toed eagle, common buzzard, kestrel,  and many others. There are several interesting habitats for amphibians, including bogs, ponds and rivers, where up to three species of Triturus can be found.  The station has accomodation for up to 10 people, a conference room with a library, a kitchen fully equipped and internet access. The house is a sustanaible building using solar energy and biomass for water and space heating, and several recycled and reused materials were used in the re-construction (it was a old stone house).


We have developed some software for scientific computing in ecology and molecular biology. Check the website.