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Programme Governance

Governance of the SUSFOR Doctoral Programme

  • Director
  • Directing Board
  • Board of Education
  • External Supervisory Committee

The Director of the SUSFOR Doctoral Programme is Professor José Cardoso Pereira.

The Directing Board includes Prof. Margarida Tomé, Prof. Francisco Rego, Prof. José Cardoso Pereira. Its tasks are: implementation of the decisions of the Board of Education, preparation of the annual work plan, budget and reports, overall executive measures, appointing working groups for specific tasks, management of grants and administrative support for the doctoral students.

The Board of Education includes Prof. Margarida Tomé, Prof. Manuel Madeira, Prof. Maria Teresa Ferreira, Prof. Maria Helena Almeida, Prof. José Calvão Borges, Prof. Manuela Branco, Prof. Cristina Castel-Branco, Prof. José Carlos Costa, Dr. Francisco Moreira and Dr. Miguel Bugalho. Its tasks are: selection and ranking of candidates, selection of research projects and proposal of advisory team, monitor candidates’ progression and effectiveness of training, supervision, progression and review of personal plans, organization of the SUSFOR Annual Doctorates Meeting.

The External Supervisory Committee evaluates annual activity reports and plans and advises programme improvements. It includes Prof. Melita Kovacevic (University of Zagreb). Dr. Roque Rodríguez (University of Santiago de Compostela) and Prof. Isabel Roncero (University of Cordoba).