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SUSFOR - Sustainable Forests and Products

Doctoral Programme

SUSFOR programme is based on a multidisciplinary approach and intensive original research in the framework of the multifunctional demands on forest resources and their sustainable management, considered in a societal perspective, enhancing availability and use of forest products, development of improved processes and innovative products for changing markets and customer needs.

Forests and forest products face numerous challenges, including access to raw materials, climate change, innovation, global trade and international competition, as well as provision of knowledge-based product information and certification. Society also faces changing consumption patterns, and issues such as energy, climate and environment gain increase in importance. The challenges are to transform the forest chain from a traditional resource-intensive to a value-added knowledge-intensive chain. Strengthening knowledge, the innovation system and technology transfer are therefore key aspects.


  • Forests
  • Forest products
  • Environmental Services
  • Sustainable Ecosystems

SUSFOR strengths

  • Cutting-edge research for the PhD thesis
  • Multidisciplinary advanced education
  • International research environment