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Sustainable Grape and Wine Production (SG&WP)

The SG&WP thematic line intends to develop research on grapes and wine, as well as to promote the sustainability along the entire production chain. For this, the objectives are to provide scientific knowledge from the molecular, plant, vineyard and winery levels.

We incorporate scientific competences from the four LEAF research groups on:

  • Conservation and economic utilization of grapevine diversity, and vineyard cover crops ;
  • Fertilization and soil quality, wastewater management, sustainable pesticide and water use, and carbon footprint;
  • Functional genomics, inter and intra-varietal genetic variation, vineyard management, ecophysiology, precision viticulture; climate change adaptation, responses to biotic and abiotic stresses and vineyard water footprint;
  • Wine microbiology and composition as well as winemaking and economic analysis.

The SG&WP thematic line is a horizontal and inter-disciplinary platform where research is organized into the following areas:

  • Grapevine Diversity
  • Grapevine Production
  • Wine Quality
  • Environmental Sustainability

SG&WP competences are optimized by a close cooperation with other national and international institutions and by a deep involvement with stakeholders.
International collaborations such as ongoing COST Actions and FP7 Projects are established and novel collaborations will be initiated.

Carlos Lopes

Thematic Line Coordinator

Carlos Lopes
Associate Professor