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Green and Blue Infrastructures

Green and Blue Infrastructures are intended to:

  • Improve ecosystem functioning and promote ecosystem services;
  • Promote societal wellbeing and health;
  • Support the development of a green economy, and sustainable land and water management.

These infrastructures incorporate green spaces (or blue if aquatic ecosystems are concerned) and other physical features in terrestrial (including coastal) and marine areas.

This Thematic Line aims to create specific Green and Blue Infrastructures, from planning and design to implementation and management recommendations.

For this purpose it counts with a multidisciplinary team, including landscape architects, agronomists, phyto-sociologists and other earth scientists coming from different LEAF research groups and other institutions.

Our approach is to make landscape/land use plans at all scales, assigning to Portuguese and European Laws (e.g. Ecological Network, Strategy for Biodiversity and Nature Conservation, Sustainable Cities, European Landscape Convention) functions such as urban space (cities and rural settlements) agriculture, pastures and forest production, leisure, nature conservation, ecosystems recover, cultural heritage protection and soft mobility, besides all embedded immaterial functions and other bio-physical ones, such as bioclimatic comfort.

For additional information, please visit:

Manuela Raposo Magalhães

Thematic Line Coordinator

Manuela Raposo Magalhães
Landscape Architect
Assistant Professor