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Agro-Food Innovation

Agro-food Innovation proposes a novel approach of research focused on selected clusters within agro-food value chains with high potential in the Portuguese economy. We combine multidisciplinary scientific expertise, understanding of the selected value-chains, and close contact with industry/farmers stakeholders to obtain an efficient incorporation of science-based knowledge into the sector.

Our approach is built upon the recognition that:

  • agricultural and food products are more “fruits of Man’s labour” than “fruits of nature”;
  • their production requires the skills of engineering and management;
  • design is a systematic process by which new products are developed and created.

This Thematic Line is structured as a matrix with value-chains as columns and research lines within Research Groups as lines. A systematic effort will be placed into the articulation of the research lines with the design tools to translate scientific knowledge into industry-based actions.

To achieve that goal, we will be active in:

  • Developing the methodology of design of agricultural and food products;
  • Training students, LEAF researchers, and company professionals in integrative design thinking applied to agro-food products and systems;
  • Identify gaps in scientific knowledge that hinder innovation in agro-food chains that can be addressed by LEAF via research (generation of new knowledge) or knowledge transfer and translation;
  • Identify stakeholders that might benefit from LEAF competencies;
  • Bidirectional translation between scientific knowledge and “real-world” problem-solving and product design activities, at the operational, company, industry, and social levels

António Monteiro

Thematic Line Coordinator

António Monteiro
Full Professor