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Rocha Pear Postharvest Unit

The Rocha Pear Postharvest Unit is dedicated to translational research and knowledge menagement to support the competitiveness of the Rocha pear sector in the area of logistics - transportation and storage - and quality improvement.

The Postharvest Unit is a partnership between 14 companies that produce, pack and market 'Rocha' pear and the Freshness Lab of Instituto Superior de Agronomia that culminated a long work relationship and a joint reflection about the efectiveness of the translational research to fruticulture. The partnership was established with the support of the National Association of Rocha Pear Producers.

The confidence in Freshness Lab to design, host and manage the Postharvest Unit is a recognition by the export-oriented fruit sector to the ability of the team to provide value to the sector.






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